Friday, November 21, 2008

Yes Master

Today I braved the dark early morning and went to the Master Swim class @ 5:30am. Surprisingly it was a great time, no traffic, not feeling pulled by other responsibilities at that time of the day, watching the sun come up as we swam.

Enough of scenery though...cause the real nitty gritty stuff is that I was kicked out of the the first lane! Turns out, I can't swim. I mean , I CAN swim enough to save my life and tread water and swim 500 yards, but I don't swim "correctly". So incorrect practice will only make more incorrect technique. The coach worked with me a bit, but of course had an entire swim group to handle, and they were all very much further along than I. He kicked me out to the shallow pool. I practiced forever, going back and forth trying to breath without lifting my head, without sinking and without swallowing water. It didn't go so well. And since the coach was busy, he didn't even get to come check on how I was doing or correct me. Finally, it was time to go, thank goodness.

Basically, I don't use correct form with my arms...I don't have correct form with my head and breathing...and I don't use my legs correctly. It all boils down to, I can't swim properly. I thought swimming would be my strong point because I'm so comfortable in the water and have been swimming my entire life.....guess that didn't play in my favor after all.

In the moment, I felt frustrated, defeated, doubtful, insecure, yet DETERMINED. Who gives a flying foofoo if I'm in the shallow pool, that only adds more of a challenge to my already challenging journey. BRING IT (said with the headbob and all)

After the fact, I couldn't stop thinking about how much I wanted to go back to the pool and practice. I'm looking forward to Monday. I'll also be looking into swim lessons.

I also took a bike ride today...felt good but went to the grocery store and didn't realize how much weight my backpack full of stuff would add! I had to walk half the way home lol

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Today was run day, but i don't have my shoes yet and really didn't want to hurt myself in old shoes. My shin splints are just starting to feel better finally!

I could have still walked, but instead i took a nap. The baby's been having trouble sleeping for about a week now and between the new training routine and not getting much sleep at night, it all finally caught up with me today. Thankfully I have an awesome husband, AWESOME I tell ya! After making me some of his world-famous cheesy eggs (well, in MY world), I went and took a nap.

Sleep really is so important. Your body actually works very hard while you rest. I figured my body deserved it.

And oh man - my appetite! It's um...non exsistant. I went from being ravenous to seriously having to force feed myself a spoonful of PB after my bike ride yesterday. It's also super important to eat! Just don't go eating a mini tub of ice cream like I did the last week. Your body needs food to refuel and build muscle. I'm sticking to simple for now, until I can better figure out how my work outs effect my hyperglycemia. I can't work on just carbs or else I horribly crash. I'm hoping that with weightloss and a new healthy lifestyle, my glycemic issue will be a thing of the past. Until it is though - chicken, eggs, fish, peanut butter, fruit and veggies are my bestest friends. Oh wait, that's not so bad after all! :o)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ahh! So proud today!

Today was bike day.

Last mileage ride noted: 4.36 miles
Today: 7.25 miles

Need I say more?!

And it was a hilly challenge, but I did it and I enjoyed it! After a nice shower, I could have gone out again. Just training is addicting, what'll I do when I finish a race!?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Stroke, Stroke, Breath

Today was a swim day. I went from 6 50-laps to 10 50-laps today!

In numbers:
.17 mile last week
.28 mile today

I'm having trouble breathing to the right. I tried the 3 strokes/breath techinique, alternating sides, but everytime I took a breath on the right side I about choked. I did some drills at the side of the pool, going under and counting 2 seconds and then coming up for breath, then going right back under and doing it a few times until I had a rhythm. Then I did side drills of laying on one side in the water and coming up for air on that side, did lots of practice with this with the right side. I can do it staying still but once I'm moving, I just can't get that right side breath. I resorted back to breathing every 2nd stroke and only left sided breaths. If it works, it works. However, I'm concerned I'm exerting unnecessary energy by turning up for breath that often.

Well, I'll keep working on it. If it doesn't change then I'm just a 2 stroke left sided breather. As long as my endurance and time increases, I won't worry too much about all that other stuff.

I got some goggles today, and that helped A LOT. My center has a master's program, so I'll be doing that 2 times a week for now. It's very early! And that's coming from someone with kids. I'll pretty much get up for a feeding with the baby, put the baby back down to sleep and walk out the door. It'll take discipline, but that's what this is all about!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sign up!

The 2 tris I want to enter:

Iron Girl - Las Vegas
Saturday, May 9, 2009
"Sprint" .5 mile Swim - 10 Mile Bike - 3.1 Mile Run

(editing to add)...

OR this race:

The Rage
Saunday, April 19, 2009
"Sprint" .5 mile Swim - 13 Mile bike - 3.1 Mile Run

Despite whichever one I end up choosing to do as my first, I want to be ready by April 1st.
(4 1/2 months)

Shin Splints and Ice Cream

Peanut butter's good, right? Even when it's in Ben and Jerry's ice cream...

The end of the week training bombed. To the point that I serioulsy questioned wether or not I can commit to this. Plans didn't work out for my run on thursday, and then my shin splints flaired up really bad and I changed my mind as I was heading out the door for a run on Friday. Today was filled with family, coaching and the boys' soccer and karate. And then add Ben and Jerry's to it and I pretty much feel like crap.

There's a certain weight, one I won't mention until I'm far from it. Since the day of my first bike ride, I dropped 3 pounds. I vowed to never again see that weight # I once was. I don't care if i get 1 pound from it, but it's a goal to never reach it again. And to feel confident enough that I won't, I need to stay far far from it. Three pounds won't do that. Right now, that is my motivation. It's a goal I've set and I have prayed hard for the motivation I now have, I will attain this little easy goal. Along with my larger picture goals - my 3 disciplines.

I look forward to my work out, I get really excited to see how I do the next day. I'm really eager to see that endurance start going up. It's such a PIA when you're hurt and fear of it getting worse. I love google though, and found a bunch of stretches, the kind of doctor I could start seeing, and some tips for form and shoe fittings...all in about a half hour I feel better and motivated again!

Just like with my VBA2C journey, there will be bumps in the road. Challenges that make you wonder if it's all worth it. IT IS. I know it is. I know it will be. I want to look back and have a laugh at the expense of good 'ol shin splints and diversions MMUUAAHHAHAHA

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Where i am

I can run for 20 minutes straight...well jog is more like it. On the treadmill, I did a brisk 5 minute walk, got off and stretched, then got back on and jogged 3-4mph for 20 minutes. I wasn't about to cry, pass out or fall down. I wasn't even really sore. I felt awesome and still do! I did about 1.5 miles. For not being a runner, I'm super proud of that!

I can do 6 50-yd laps. The indoor pool is 25 yards, and I went 12 times. I did have to take some breaks, but I never exited the water until I was completely finished. Even when i was getting tired in the middle of a lap, I would go to back stroke. I do need to work on swimming a lot though, eventhough I'm a great swimmer and feel confident in the water, I need to work on endurance. I need to work on not getting so winded so quickly.

Well, I feel confident that I'm absolutely in the right direction and am begining at a great starting point! I went to the local Tri shop here and the people there were so helpful. I bought the book My First Triathlon by Joe Friel. It's like having a personal Tri trainer right in your hands. I paid full price for it, but you can grab it there on Amazon used for around $13.

I made the decision today to sign up for a triathlon. SIGN UP! I'm going to forego a road bike and do my first triathlon with my mountain bike. I would rather fork out $$ for a wetsuit and tri-shorts or a tri-suit than worry about a new bike. A new bike along with those other things would make it finacially difficult to do my first tri until a year from now. By foregoing the road bike, I can sign up for a triathlon this spring!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


The Silverman was today here in Vegas...technically in Henderson. And as I drove my way to church, I saw some runners going by. I got so amped! I can't wait to do this. I can't wait to start seeing my endurance skills build up. I can't believe one day that I'll be one of those runners! Well, in a Sprint, not a Silverman...not yet at least.

I really have so much faith.

I want to start helping at the stations for triathlons, I think seeing the athletes out there every so often will keep me motivated.

As for training - I'm sad to report that I didn't get anything in today. Matt's brother and his family were in town and they came over after church until matt left for work. I did notice a difference in my appetite for the past couple days, it's gown down. I hope that's a good sign that my body is regulating, but I'm sure as I start training more consistently I will see more fluctuation.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Heck no!

I kept avoiding swimming because I was planning to swim in our outdoor, unheated pool. No biggie since most likely I'd have to swim in cold water during a race...and I'd get used to it once i started swimming and burning energy...yeah right! My husband counted me in, 1-2-3-GO! I jumped in and lost my breath immediately, I kept saying to myself SWIM..SWIM, but not even half way across the pool I climbed my shocked cold body out of there! Everytime I put my face in the water and then turned it to get air, I only lost my breath from the freezing water. Oh and in case you didn't know, moving in cold water makes it sting more than staying still. I guess after a while you are numb to it, but I figured i'd drown by then, so getting out was a good idea. I sat there catching my breath, then went inside and all that I could muster up to my husband who was looking at me like "what happened?" was OOOOH HECK NO. He laughed, fed me, then sent me off to the multi-gen with $40 to get my self a membership for the indoor pool.

Talk about brain-freeze, don't try that at home.

My routine in place

After much reasearch and lots of frustration, I've finally got my routine in place...I think. If this routine challenges me and I see results, then it'll be what I keep up with to attain my ultimate goals. These are major baby steps.

My first and foremost goal is to see where my levels are in all 3 disciplines. Next:
  • For running, my weakest discipline, I'll follow the 'Aggressive Couch to Sprint' program.
  • For biking, my goal is to be able to do at least 20 minutes and at least 6.5 miles (half of the tri amount)
  • For swimming, my goal is at least 25 yards straight and at least 20 minutes. (Since swimming is one of my strengths, this will probably increase quickly)

My short-ultimate goals is:
20 min swim/40 minute bike/20 minute run

Once I feel built up enough in each discipline, I will begin to mesh them together in the 'brick sessions' - doing one full time/distance discipline right after the other, until I am able to finish a Sprint Triathlon!

Sprint Triathlons usually fall within these ranges and in this order:
1/2 - 3/4 mile swim, 12-14 mile bike, 3.1 mile run

Thursday, November 6, 2008

TRI it

Triathlon: noun [trahy-ath-luhn]
an athletic contest comprising three consecutive events, usually swimming, bicycling, and distance running. begins. As you may already know, I have a wonderful supportive husband and 3 kiddos. Ricky is my oldest at 5 years old. Then came Christian, now 3 years old. Now we have Kairi, currently 9 months old. I was introduced to triathlons when I was working hard on my VBA2C (vaginal birth after 2 cesareans). This is a very inspirational video (warning, kinda vivid pix of a homebirth, but a really awesome story!)

I dabbled in the idea and thought about how "one day....". I never shared it with anyone. I would watch Teresa's video over and over and think that if she did it then i soooo could do it. Still never sharing it with anyone. Not sharing your dreams or desires makes them easy to ignore. When we share our desires and goals, others are able to keep us accountable. I NEED accountability, i get sidetracked or discouraged quickly at times if i don't see immediate results. This is probably something that will keep me in Sprint triathlons lol Shorter distance and quicker results. I don't always have much patience...however, training is definitely getting me to a patient point.

Well, after working my butt off to be healthy and fit for my birth of Kairi, it turned out my daughter was transverse...not coming out. I'm a natural birth junkie, if you can't tell already. This was upsetting but I knew I did all I could.

Fast forward to now. I never had too many problems losing the weight after a pregnancy, I didn't lose it quickly after Ricky but i chaulk that up to just not knowing better. I was 19 and i thought I could eat the way I had before having a baby, no one told me your body and hormones change! Someone could of shared that with a girl! I thought with how hard i worked out before during and after Kairi's pregnancy and birth (back to regular workout by 4 weeks postpartum after a cesarean), that I would surely have even less of a problem losing the weight. Instead it's been a nightmare and to the point that I felt like "why workout if it's not doing anything"...which I know is the wrong mindset. After months of trying to lose the weight and tone, and seeing no results, I stopped. I was depressed, discouraged, disgusted with myself. I absolutely LOVE breastfeeding and there were days when I contemplated weaning just so i could take phentermine and get my body back.

The Lord knew just where I was. He knew the plans he had for me. I prayed, Lord please help, help my body, help my mind...I'm losing it here! And what he did was bring triathlons back to the forefront of my mind, in a social setting, where i was forced to open up about these desires I had. A women at my mom's bible study gave me her prayer request card and it was about her first triathlon she was getting ready to do! The next chance I got, I picked her brain a little and opened up that I too have been wanting to do triathlons...until that moment I felt this desire was just a far away thought. I immediately opened up about this to my husband and some friends. Since then it has taken off full-swing.

Last week, my husband surprised me with a bike! He is such a sweetheart and so supportive. I haven't rode a bike in probably 10 years! My first ride (wednesday november 5th, 2008), I went 2.18 miles in 10 minutes. I hit wind coming back unfortunately, but i did another 2.18 back against 25 mph winds. I struggled with the wind but I did it and it felt so good. I went onto and found a bunch of destination distances so I can keep track of how far I go.

Then the next day (thursday november 6th, 2008) it was run day. Running is my absolute WEAKEST. I'm not even kidding you, I suck at running, but hopefully that will be a thing of the past soon....or at least something I can learn to deal with. I ended up run/waling a mile in about 15 minutes. Running will definitely have to be worked on! I walk/ran to Sport Chalet and got a nice Speedo t-back bathing suit (on sale too! $25). Today I took a rest. I'm so sore, but I feel really good.

Even getting dressed today was better. No matter what weight I am, when I'm exercising I always feel better about myself. I feel that it doesn't matter what's on the outside because i know I'm working on a better me. I had that outlook for the past year until about June 2008...and I've been in an unhealthy non-active self-destructive mode ever since. Things are changing in my life, I can't afford to let them stay the same.

I WILL CROSS THE FINISH LINE. I may feel scared, a little self-conscious and intimidated...but I'm also stubborn, goal-oriented and strong. The latter will get me through this and I'm ready for my life to change.

1. Should I train in cold water if that's all I have?
2. I have been starving since the bike and walk/run the past 2 days. Is that normal, would I be hungrier already?