Friday, November 21, 2008

Yes Master

Today I braved the dark early morning and went to the Master Swim class @ 5:30am. Surprisingly it was a great time, no traffic, not feeling pulled by other responsibilities at that time of the day, watching the sun come up as we swam.

Enough of scenery though...cause the real nitty gritty stuff is that I was kicked out of the the first lane! Turns out, I can't swim. I mean , I CAN swim enough to save my life and tread water and swim 500 yards, but I don't swim "correctly". So incorrect practice will only make more incorrect technique. The coach worked with me a bit, but of course had an entire swim group to handle, and they were all very much further along than I. He kicked me out to the shallow pool. I practiced forever, going back and forth trying to breath without lifting my head, without sinking and without swallowing water. It didn't go so well. And since the coach was busy, he didn't even get to come check on how I was doing or correct me. Finally, it was time to go, thank goodness.

Basically, I don't use correct form with my arms...I don't have correct form with my head and breathing...and I don't use my legs correctly. It all boils down to, I can't swim properly. I thought swimming would be my strong point because I'm so comfortable in the water and have been swimming my entire life.....guess that didn't play in my favor after all.

In the moment, I felt frustrated, defeated, doubtful, insecure, yet DETERMINED. Who gives a flying foofoo if I'm in the shallow pool, that only adds more of a challenge to my already challenging journey. BRING IT (said with the headbob and all)

After the fact, I couldn't stop thinking about how much I wanted to go back to the pool and practice. I'm looking forward to Monday. I'll also be looking into swim lessons.

I also took a bike ride today...felt good but went to the grocery store and didn't realize how much weight my backpack full of stuff would add! I had to walk half the way home lol

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