Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Today was run day, but i don't have my shoes yet and really didn't want to hurt myself in old shoes. My shin splints are just starting to feel better finally!

I could have still walked, but instead i took a nap. The baby's been having trouble sleeping for about a week now and between the new training routine and not getting much sleep at night, it all finally caught up with me today. Thankfully I have an awesome husband, AWESOME I tell ya! After making me some of his world-famous cheesy eggs (well, in MY world), I went and took a nap.

Sleep really is so important. Your body actually works very hard while you rest. I figured my body deserved it.

And oh man - my appetite! It's um...non exsistant. I went from being ravenous to seriously having to force feed myself a spoonful of PB after my bike ride yesterday. It's also super important to eat! Just don't go eating a mini tub of ice cream like I did the last week. Your body needs food to refuel and build muscle. I'm sticking to simple for now, until I can better figure out how my work outs effect my hyperglycemia. I can't work on just carbs or else I horribly crash. I'm hoping that with weightloss and a new healthy lifestyle, my glycemic issue will be a thing of the past. Until it is though - chicken, eggs, fish, peanut butter, fruit and veggies are my bestest friends. Oh wait, that's not so bad after all! :o)

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