Sunday, May 16, 2010

Drunk on Running

While out running, we runners (I can't believe I can call myself that!) lose all inhibition.... I blame the endorphins. It's like being drunk... we suddenly aren't embarassed to pee in public, spit, puke, wipe snot on our sleeve... or like I did today on my heat training run, use a broken landscaping sprinkler to completely drench oneself. Today I experienced all of the above except peeing in public... which I'm sure with all the hydrating that's needed for heat training, peeing in public is soon to follow.

I'm planning on running the Running With The Devil Half Marathon which is held at the end of June in the Las Vegas heat.

Taken from the website:
Most race organizers go to great lengths to ensure their races are held in ideal running conditions; 40 degrees, light breeze, overcast. Many aim to make their courses flat and fast, or even downhill to facilitate runners to smash their PR. Not this one! Held in summer in the middle of the day thru the dry Mojave Desert, athletes will be challenged to contend with extreme heat and unrelenting rolling hills as they traverse this spectacularly scenic course.

My training scheule looks like the following:

Sunday: long run - with long runs I'm working more on time than pace. From that I will determine what my pace is for running in the heat and then come up with a goal time for race day.

Monday: Power90 3-4 Sculpt, sauna session (20-45 minutes, depending on the week of training)

Tuesday: short run

Wednesday: Power90 3-4 Sculpt, sauna session (20-45 minutes, depending on the week of training)

Thursday: short run

Friday: Power90 3-4 Sculpt, sauna session (20-45 minutes, depending on the week of training)

Saturday: rest

My main goals are to strengthen and get adjusted to being in the heat. All my runs will be in long sleeves/layered clothing and with my new Camelbak Charm


Between all this, my son's soccer season in full swing, work, Beachbody, my other son's boxing and training with Ricky for our next triathlon.... I have no idea when I'll blog again! But I prmise to try to kee you all updated as much as possible ♥

What's up with everyone else??
Hubby's on like week 3 of Power90! I'm so proud and excited!

Rick just did his first kids triathlon today!! He did a great job. And on Saturday his soccer team played game #5 of the season and are still undefeated! Cool tidbit - There's another triathlon family on our soccer team!

Christian's boxing school is moving so we're on a bit of a break from that but hopefully that move goes quickly and we can get back asap. Today he showed such an interest in the kids triathlon, so I maybe he'll do one in July.

Kai is still just awesome.