Monday, August 23, 2010

Where Oh Where do I be?

I'm right here! Not sure if anyon'es even noticed I haven't written in months, but I'm here. Alive and runnin'... occassionally. After the mad dash training for 4 Halfs in 6 months, I decied to take it slow and low for the summer. Mostly to work and spend time with fam. I run when I can and stick to smaller distances (3-5 miles).

As I'm about to embark on my next challenge, I feel like a newbie!

I'm going to run the Hoover Dam Half Marathon put on by none other than Joyce @ Calico Racing. My goal is to break 2:30 (PR is 2:34 at Red Rock, but I also ran with someone). I have a plan for tackling this on my own this time.

I'll begin this Wednesday, August 25th, as I've been really sick and now have pink eye. I started meds yesterday and already feel a little better. I'll be following Hal Higdon's Novice Half Marathon training plan starting at week 4. And my strategy is a run/walk ratio of 10min/5min. I know that seems like a large walk portion, but I know that in the beginning it will be easy and then I always die out towards the end. I want to stay consistent and feel strong throughout the 13.1 miles. If that means an easier ratio at first, I'm ok with that. I'll be loving that 5 minute walk break by mile 10.

Using THIS calculator, I put in the numbers of:

distance: 13.1 miles
goal time: 2:29
run for how long? 10 min
walk for how long? 5 min
walk pace: 13 min/mile(I will start checking for sure & tweak if need be)

overall average pace needs to be: 11:22 min/mile
run pace needs to be: 10:42 min/mile

So that's the name of the game!