Monday, August 23, 2010

Where Oh Where do I be?

I'm right here! Not sure if anyon'es even noticed I haven't written in months, but I'm here. Alive and runnin'... occassionally. After the mad dash training for 4 Halfs in 6 months, I decied to take it slow and low for the summer. Mostly to work and spend time with fam. I run when I can and stick to smaller distances (3-5 miles).

As I'm about to embark on my next challenge, I feel like a newbie!

I'm going to run the Hoover Dam Half Marathon put on by none other than Joyce @ Calico Racing. My goal is to break 2:30 (PR is 2:34 at Red Rock, but I also ran with someone). I have a plan for tackling this on my own this time.

I'll begin this Wednesday, August 25th, as I've been really sick and now have pink eye. I started meds yesterday and already feel a little better. I'll be following Hal Higdon's Novice Half Marathon training plan starting at week 4. And my strategy is a run/walk ratio of 10min/5min. I know that seems like a large walk portion, but I know that in the beginning it will be easy and then I always die out towards the end. I want to stay consistent and feel strong throughout the 13.1 miles. If that means an easier ratio at first, I'm ok with that. I'll be loving that 5 minute walk break by mile 10.

Using THIS calculator, I put in the numbers of:

distance: 13.1 miles
goal time: 2:29
run for how long? 10 min
walk for how long? 5 min
walk pace: 13 min/mile(I will start checking for sure & tweak if need be)

overall average pace needs to be: 11:22 min/mile
run pace needs to be: 10:42 min/mile

So that's the name of the game!


robison52 said...

Happy to see you back with a half-marathon plan! Your walk/run plan sounds doable for a 2:30 PR. I've never ran the Hoover Dam Half Marathon as it's in the middle of my Las Vegas Marathon training...PLUS, this year I'm doing the Las Vegas Track Club Competition Series that has a race EVERY month!! Will be watching your blog for updates on your training.

Jrsygurl4life said...

I've noticed your lack of updates :)

Hope you get healthy for this new adventure!