Friday, September 12, 2008

I've Arrived

Well, I'm here. Blogging never caught my interestbut i do like to be noticed, so I'm surprised it didn't grab me earlier than now. Being a cliche right now, but 'better late than never' right?

I am a christian, meaning I try my hardest every single day to walk as close to the Lord as I can. I am never out to hurt anyone, but that doesn't mean I love everyone. I know Christ did, but I am human and I think being tolerable is at least a great step in the right direction! It used to be that if i didn't like you, i most certainly did not keep it unknown. Now, Im more patient, humble and tolerant of other people's crap. Ya know, everyone's going through something and we don't always know their life or what that something is, so just be gracious and give a free pass some days. It ain't easy but it causes you less stress in the long run too. So that's my PSA for today. Can't promise there won't be more though!

I'm starting this blog because of the privelege I had this week to attend the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas. That thing is HUGE! Size huge and such a big deal huge. Anyone that's anyone and anyone that's not anyone - is there. Yes i do have to plug in that CLOTH DIAPERS! YEEEAH BUDDY! They are soooooo back. I have been CDing for 2 1/2 years, since my second son, and will never ever go back to sposies (slang for disposables). It was so awesome to see such big names in the CDing world there this week, and to know all over the country this is catching back on as SO many stores and boutiques were buying them to stock in their stores.

I was personally there to help display for a friend who makes slings -
And her site doesn't even TOUCH the fabrics she has out now! I am now a distributor in the Las Vegas area for them, so get ahold of me if you want something! Thank you Marybeth, for the opportunity and fun of this week!

This weekend I will blog some pix and sites of the stuff I bought and liked best.