Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shakeology Cleanse - Day 3

Well.... uh yeah it's been a few days since Shakeology Cleanse DAY 3...

I've been done Day 3 for over a week now. But the same week as the cleanse, hubby's schedule changed, I went back to my old job, and my oldest son's been on Spring Break this whole week. So it's been VERY crazy busy around here. I apologize for taking so long to update!

DAY 3:
I was MUCH less hungry this day than any other day. In fact, I found it hard to get 3 shakes, 2 teas and my huge salad in. It was a struggle and I had to drink my shake with my salad at dinner time so I could get it in before bed. I was wiped out from the whole week's events. It had just been such an emotionally exhausting week with all the changes and the cleanse.

My digestive system was back to normal and better on Day 3 and ever since.

Life After the Cleanse
I find myself only wanting 3 Shakeology shakes and a salad everyday! It's so simple and healthy that I drift towards wanting to go back to the "cleanse" style of life. However, I haven't done it. I need my Shakeology bag to last me the whole month!

Ever since the Shakeology cleanse and now doing one Shakeology shake a day, I haven't felt bloated or nauseous. I've had more energy and feel truely cleansed. Fresh, clean, energetic, light... I also have lost a total of 5 pounds since Cleanse week. I was 125, I'm now down to 120 and have stayed there. I also lost inches and bodyfat % but I don't have the numbers on-hand.

Exercise - I've hardly been running, just 5 miles here and there. I miss it but haven't been cranky about it because I've also been biking and doing P90X or Power90. And as far as P90X goes, it was just very time consuming for my life. Our schedules change so often that 90 days of P90X is a lot on me. I made it through 30 days and have really felt the difference in my strength. I also believe it had so much to do with my better 1/2 marathon race at Red Rock. The core work is unbelievable!

Hubby and I have now decided that Power90 is more up our alley and we can do it together. It fits both our schedules and is meant to get you worked out and showered in less than an hour.

I've also been having a lot of fun with random TurboJam and Hip Hop Abs workouts. Hip Hop Abs Hips, Buns and Thighs is an awesome workout!! I looooove the leg lifts at the end.

I signed up for the Las Vegas Triathlon Club and have at least 3 triathlons to do this year. My next 1/2 marathon is April 11, 2010. Then I'm doing the 5k Running From A Devil race at the end of June. I'm hoping I can get a PR there and maybe... i dunno... maybe place in top 3... maybe. We'll see if I have time to speed train. I think I will since it's such a low distance and I'm naturally faster in my VFFs.

Immediately after posting this, I left the computer for the day and felt horrible that I didn't mention more about the LVTC (las vegas triathon club) - we signed up as a family! For one price we signed up 4 people... and that means that if hubby decides to do his first one this year - he can! And also... MY SON! Finally my oldest (7 years old) will be doing his first kids' triathlon on May 16th!! The same day as I do my first one for this season. I'm so so so excited for him!!! I bought him some awesome kids swimmers goggles and we've been riding bikes & running together. He's a fish in the water so it'll be pretty easy for him, but we're also going to hit the pool a few times beforehand. He's going to do GREAT!