Saturday, January 3, 2009

Long Time No Train

Well, i haven't completely stopped training, but i definitely stopped having a routine! Now I get the deal with triathletes taking winters off. With busy schedules and the weather, sometimes it can be easier to skip a workout here and there.

What didn't help was my indoor pool closing for the plast few weeks. That put a damper on my enthusiasm. We also put our house up for sale and immediately needed to start packing and get things put into storage.

Today, Ricky and I got to help serve at the ultra stations for the Running From An Angel race being held by Calico Racing. It was so inspiring! Ricky loved helping and the runners seem to seeing a child serving them. It was great weather too! A tad bit windy but not too bad. It seemed the shorter distance runners got more of that wind coming up the first mile than did the long distance runners who started MUCH early. Ricky and I were there from 6am - 9am. He was a total trooper being up that early!

I went aftet the race and got compression socks for my shin splints. It's really bad. I hate to seem like I'm making excuses. However, the one leg hurts normal like shin splints and then eases up as I stretch and train more, the other leg gets way worse with the muscle bulging and looking bruised. It isn't good and I need to get that fixed up before I can even think about running a race. Luckily, the running is the last part of a tri, so even if I do get hurt I will be finished. If I can make good time on the first 2 parts, then I won't mind walking if need be to at least cross the finish line.

My goals for now are:
see an orthopedic
start back up with light training in running
get vigorous and regular in biking and swimming

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