Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shin Splints and Ice Cream

Peanut butter's good, right? Even when it's in Ben and Jerry's ice cream...

The end of the week training bombed. To the point that I serioulsy questioned wether or not I can commit to this. Plans didn't work out for my run on thursday, and then my shin splints flaired up really bad and I changed my mind as I was heading out the door for a run on Friday. Today was filled with family, coaching and the boys' soccer and karate. And then add Ben and Jerry's to it and I pretty much feel like crap.

There's a certain weight, one I won't mention until I'm far from it. Since the day of my first bike ride, I dropped 3 pounds. I vowed to never again see that weight # I once was. I don't care if i get 1 pound from it, but it's a goal to never reach it again. And to feel confident enough that I won't, I need to stay far far from it. Three pounds won't do that. Right now, that is my motivation. It's a goal I've set and I have prayed hard for the motivation I now have, I will attain this little easy goal. Along with my larger picture goals - my 3 disciplines.

I look forward to my work out, I get really excited to see how I do the next day. I'm really eager to see that endurance start going up. It's such a PIA when you're hurt and fear of it getting worse. I love google though, and found a bunch of stretches, the kind of doctor I could start seeing, and some tips for form and shoe fittings...all in about a half hour I feel better and motivated again!

Just like with my VBA2C journey, there will be bumps in the road. Challenges that make you wonder if it's all worth it. IT IS. I know it is. I know it will be. I want to look back and have a laugh at the expense of good 'ol shin splints and diversions MMUUAAHHAHAHA

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