Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Where i am

I can run for 20 minutes straight...well jog is more like it. On the treadmill, I did a brisk 5 minute walk, got off and stretched, then got back on and jogged 3-4mph for 20 minutes. I wasn't about to cry, pass out or fall down. I wasn't even really sore. I felt awesome and still do! I did about 1.5 miles. For not being a runner, I'm super proud of that!

I can do 6 50-yd laps. The indoor pool is 25 yards, and I went 12 times. I did have to take some breaks, but I never exited the water until I was completely finished. Even when i was getting tired in the middle of a lap, I would go to back stroke. I do need to work on swimming a lot though, eventhough I'm a great swimmer and feel confident in the water, I need to work on endurance. I need to work on not getting so winded so quickly.

Well, I feel confident that I'm absolutely in the right direction and am begining at a great starting point! I went to the local Tri shop here and the people there were so helpful. I bought the book My First Triathlon by Joe Friel. It's like having a personal Tri trainer right in your hands. I paid full price for it, but you can grab it there on Amazon used for around $13.

I made the decision today to sign up for a triathlon. SIGN UP! I'm going to forego a road bike and do my first triathlon with my mountain bike. I would rather fork out $$ for a wetsuit and tri-shorts or a tri-suit than worry about a new bike. A new bike along with those other things would make it finacially difficult to do my first tri until a year from now. By foregoing the road bike, I can sign up for a triathlon this spring!

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