Friday, March 5, 2010

Shoe Dilemma...

Why in the world does there always have to be a shoe issue!?

I was originally fitted for the Saucony Progrid Omni 7. I was overpronating and this shoe helped me a lot. I've gone through 3 pairs in a year, running relatively low mileage. The body of the shoe seems to wear out faster than the treads. My foot start moving around more, the toe box started to become too wide... I realized it was probably due to all the weightloss! Duh. It's almost 50 pounds now.

A month ago, I went to get a new updated shoe fitting. I wanted something with a more narrow toe box and a little lighter weight. I told them to not get any Saucony. They got me on the treadmill barefoot and it turns out I no longer need any pronating help! yay! I was fitted in the Mizuno Wave Rider 13. I spent a month researching, trying to score the Wave Rider 12's... everyone was out of stock in my size. I even talked to the Mizuno guy on Runner's World. This was THE shoe for me! I was excited to try something new and that really felt good in the store. I just needed to save up the money to buy them.

The last straw with the Saucony shoes was last Friday, I went out for a short 5-miler and it ended up being an even shorter 3.6 miler. The heavy pronating support in this shoe was just way too much anymore that it started forcing my weight onto the outside of my left foot. This was in turn causing the knee pain I'd started having. It was time... I bought the Mizunos Monday this week.

I figured I'd have time to break them in before the Red Rock Half. I don't usually have problems with new shoes. But I get these home.. and they're not so comfortable anymore. I'm wearing them around the house and my they're slipping off the back... I runner tie them and now they're hurting the sides of my feet... WTH!!?

I try for another 2 days and finally give up. They hurt so bad. I returned them.

After constant research and yet ANOTHER shoe fitting - in which I allowed the girl to bring out Saucony if she'd like - I was fitted in the Saucony Progrid Triumph 7. A great shoe, it was a bit heavy and much heavier than I'd prefer, but it worked.... however they are $130! Ok.. I get it... running shoes DO get expensive. But seriously, if Saucony's body wears out fast for me, and I'll be buying 3 pairs of these this year.. I just can't go with a $130 shoe. This mama can't afford that.

Finally.. I had enough. I'm going to attempt the Red Rock Half in my old Saucony Omni's and hope for the best. I might have to take some Ibuprofen. I have to at least try and if things don't work out, I'm ok with knowing I gave it my all and my best, and sometimes stuff happens. Who knows, I may not experience any knee pain at all... I won't know unless I try. But I promise to listen to my body and let the race go if need be.

However, I do need to keep running after this... it's not just race Red Rock and then never run again.. HAHAHAHAHAHA - just the thought of not running again makes me laugh out loud. It'll take more than a shoe situation to make that happen!

As a result of all this, I'm super excited to announce that my total hippy-at-heart has come out and I'm finally accepting that I've been curious for long enough... oh yes... it's exactly what you think....

Bought them tonight. They're called Vibram Five Fingers. They seriously fit like a glove like they should. I already see a difference in the way I jog around inside the house... and I wish I could wear them tomorrow! But I know... I know... I need to really gradually move into them. I will... and can't wait to start!!

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Those are awesome. Really, really awesome. :)sh