Friday, March 5, 2010

Pre-Race - Red Rock Half Marathon

Tonight's packet pick-up.... tomorrow's the big day. Red Rock Half Marathon. THE race that set this whole wacky 'Calico Half Slam' idea into effect. This was one of the races I volunteered at last year and thought how awesome it would be to one day run that myself. But at this point last year, I had only run three 5k races... and NO triathlons yet. My oh my, how a person can change in only a year! Thank you God for the strength - mentally and physically - that I could even embark on such a feat.

I'm very nervous. I went running out there on Valentine's day, 10 miles, and it kicked my butt. BUT, I did do it and the the "recovery" in the days after was really non-existent. I was out running again 2 days later like normal. I haven't been our running that 10 miles again though... so we'll see if it causes me to crash and burn. I really don't think so. I'm nervous yet really posistive. I know I can do 10 miles on those brutal hills, up and past the highest look out point... I know that I felt great afterwards... I can do 3 more miles. As is the case with many people in Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon is a second home to me and my family. We're there all the time and I've run out there a lot. I know exactly where those last 3 miles are. I know I can do them.

As nervous as I am, my heart's very calm.

3 Goals:
~Finish uninjured
~Have a great fun time!
~Finish wanting to do it again

Lord, be with me. You are my strength, my reason, my deliverer, my saving grace. You've given me the heart that desires to do this, please help carry me through
safely and in good spirits.

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