Monday, March 1, 2010

Business with pleasure

As I've mentioned before, I'm a Beachbody Coach. That means that I own my own little piece of fitness business with Beachbody. I get to help people set up goals, encourage them as they persue and achieve success, and talk nutrition all day long, as much or as little as I want to... all while I workout and make money too! Every workout is considered work I guess... I have no shame in mixing this business with pleasure!

I have also embarked on a new challenge that I didn't want to talk about on here until I felt totally commited and involved. I gave myself one week and here I am to say that I'm officially a P90Xer! I'm on day one of week 2 (day 8 for those that can't count). I've made it a whole week and feel great! I have been incorporating running as well. In the past, my reasons for not continuing P90X after day 1 were I couldn't even start most of the exercises let alone finish a rep or set and that my legs hurt too much to run afterwards. Running was and is very very important to me, so doing any program that would hinder that was a NO-go. I tried P90X Classic 3 times since August 2009 and just couldn't get it. Finally I found out that I can do the LEAN schedule! Oy - wish I knew this before but I guess timing is everything, because I gave this version a try and WOW this week has been amazing!

The Lean version is just a different schedule than the Classic (or Doubles). You don't need anything extra, just the main P90X program - then you just follow the schedule the fitness guidebook lays out. Easy peasy!

The Lean is higher cardio and focuses on the core (Legs&Back, Core Synergistics, YogaX, Arms&Shoulders, KenpoX, Xstretch, Ab RipperX and CardioX).

I'd like to share my before and after pix with you all - they're posted on my BB Coach website. The last pic will be my P90X - DAY ONE photo. I'll be updating every months for 3 months (90 days)!

T minus 5 days until Red Rock Half Marathon!! I'm curious to see how almost 2 weeks of P90X core work will help... I shall be back to update!

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