Monday, February 15, 2010

V-Day Long Run.

I got all mushy with my husband and kids, and then skipped out to have my affair with running. It was a GORGEOUS day. A day that just can't go without a run. It was my long run day, supposed to do 10 miles, and I haven't accomplished that distance since the day I did my first Half Marathon... 5 weeks ago. How sad is that? I have my second Half coming up, at Red Rock Canyon. I figured it was finally time to get my butt out there. I haven't been running out there since like... April of 2009!

So I gather my gear, get out there, it's PACKED with people and cars. I kinda like that since it means that if anything happens to me there are tons of people to notice and help. However, it does make it even more dangerous with more drivers on that road... there's some irony for ya.

I usually start off my runs feeling strong in my legs. The cardio aspect is usually a killer for the first 2 miles though. This run, right from the start my legs were a little sore. I realize I did my usual Body Pump class yesterday and we do a lot of lunges and squats... now I have to reevaluate how to handle this scheduling. That's for later though.

So long story short.. I end up walking. I can't get my legs up these hills. Even walking is getting me really out of breath. At this point I'm thinking "this is PURE torture". Usually I have those thoughts temporarily during a hard hill or for those first hard cardio 2 miles. But this was neverending. Finally at around 3.5 miles, I decide I'm done... I can do the 3.5 back to the car for a 7 miles run, but I can't finish this out to 10 miles. I just really can't on these hills. Of course, as I'm running downhill back I feel awesome. My legs are working great and my spirits are back up. But really for how long? It's only because I'm going downhill. Whatever, I'm just enjoying my run!

I get back to the car. I'm at 7.25 miles. I grab some water and had just ate an Apple Cinnamon Hammer Gel on the that run back. I call hubby to tell him I'm such a dork and can't finish my 10 miles... I watch these people take some wedding pix... and I decide. I'M GOING FOR IT. I don't care if I had to take a short break. I want to finish this darn 10 miles!

I lock up the car. I run about 1.4 up, 1.4 back. 10 MILES DONE! It took 2:02:--. It wasn't easy. It was very hard. I am debating if I'm cut out for this Red Rock Half. I'm sincerely ok with accepting that I may not be ready for it. I will hit Red Rock for 10-milers on Sundays until then.

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