Sunday, March 7, 2010

Recovery run & my new feet

I haven't written up the Red Rock 1/2 Marathon race report yet because I had some mix ups with my watch and I don't have a solid time yet. I can give you a little hint - I set a new PR!

Today I went for a light recovery run. I was also breaking in my new "feet" - the Vibram Five Fingers. I went out to a little trail in Henderson, and I'm glad I did! On my way home it started pouring rain! So my timing for the run was perfect.

I ended up doing a 3 mile recovery run. The run itself felt great. No muscle soreness really. As for the new feet, WOW! I was hitting hills like a champ. I felt more flexible, light, and agile. I ran at my same usual pace without a problem. I ran on some dirt and blacktop. The soft dirt felt really nice and easier to manage than when I run on it with sneakers. I prefered the dirt with Five Fingers on, but the blacktop didn't hurt at all. I'd love to feel what running on the beach would be like. That's where I went today in my mind :o)

One problem I did have with the Five Fingers... I ended up with a little blister on the inside of my left foot. I'm concerned about this. I'm wondering if it is a one-time deal and part of breaking in the shoes and the feet. Vibram does make five fingers socks... I don't want to have to buy them though. I don't want to spend the money, and I don't want all the extra baggage on my feet. I like being barefoot - technically.

I called the guy who owns the store where I bought them. I had talked to him last week before buying them. I'm hoping he can help me out with understanding this... and I'm heading now to Runner's World online to the barefoot running board.

Seems I'm not the only one! This exact area for a blister is very common with the breaking in of VFFs. I'm really stoked, because other than this tiny blister, VFFs were absolutely perfect in every way!
Runner's World Post

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Justin said...

Yeah I think blisters are pretty common for VFF noobs. I know I periodically get them (especially if I haven't been able to run in my Vibrams for awhile).

Apart from the blister, glad you're enjoying your VFFs so much, and if you get a chance, stroll over to the unofficial Vibram five fingers fan community ( and say hello!

Justin @ birthdayshoes