Monday, February 1, 2010

"Am I Strict With My Diet?" Part #3 - Eatin' Good In The Neighborhood...

I think I might already have a post titled this... hmm

Anyway! It's been like a week since I checked in. Lots going on! The hustle and bustle of mommy life never stops but some times are busier than others. It seems to have picked up in our household and I don't forsee much slowing down as soccer is soon to start! I also have another bible study begining this week. Lots of volunteering, house cleansing, working on getting into my EMT courses. Lots of exciting stuff!

So last week, I went to speak with someone about nutrition. She was very educated and helped me so much! If you read my previous posts about "Am I Strict With My Diet?" (parts 1 & 2) then you'll have seen that I'm very careful with what I eat. However, in being so careful I also lost being able to get in everything my body needs. I'm not finding sufficient protien replacements other than egg whites. Which I get very tired of. Then there are beans, but beans are also a carb which can be a scary area. What carbs are good? Bad? What are complex carbs? What if my body can't break down the sugar of just eating a banana or bagel like other runners?

So this Miss Nutrition lady really helped me out! She gave me a break down of how many grams of carb, fat, and protien I should take in according to how many calories I'm eating. She also gave me examples of healthier carb choices. My goal now is to continue to stay trim and keep up the endurance, but I want to.. I guess you could say "bulk up". Not manly-like or female bodybuilder type stuff. Just see definition... get some 6-pack abs... or 8 pack, I'm not picky =)

Disclaimer - everyone's body types and nutritional needs are different. Don't just go following what I do. I shouldn't have to say this but well.. ya know.

So here it goes:
1200 calories/day (I've played with this number a lot and this seems to work best for me.)
90g protien/day
120g carbs/day
40g fat/day
I'm also continuing to take in my weight in ounces of water (example 150 lbs, 150 oz)

So are you curious how I'm doing so far??

I'm sucking in the protien department. But I'm well in the other areas. I'm actually finding it hard to get in as much food as I should have. I'm not always eating my full 1200 calories and that's already a low number to begin with. I'm just not hungry and I'll admit, as a vegetarian I'm finding it hard to get high protien sources without the fat/carbs. I can see where chicken comes in pretty handy. It's low in fat and carbs, but dishes a good amount of protien. Unfortunately, I don't like meat, so I shall survive! I found that Morning Star Original Grillers are a great source of protien!
They look like this for nutrition: 130 cals, 15g protien, 5g carb, 6g fat
And they're sooooooo delish!

I tried edemame for the first time last night. I always heard of it, but had no idea where to even find it at the store. You can buy it frozen in the pods... in the frozen section with the veggies. They're really good! But a little bit of a pain having to pop them out of the pod. Give yourself some time with them. I figure they're like pistachios (my fav!) - a little work goes a long yummy way.

Overall, I feel really good about this. I have some more direction. I feel like this can get me where I want to be - more muscle (less bodyfat %) and toned definition. Goal 1 was to get healthy, Goal 2 was to accomplish racing events I never thought I could, Goal 3 (losing weight) kinda came along for the ride... now I'm focused on defining and staying healthy.

Most of all - Always always have fun and thank the Lord every single day!!!

Philippians 1:6 "Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:"

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