Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stats Update

It's been a while since I've updated my stats (measurements).

It's hard(embarassing really!) to admit where I was over a year ago, but through this I'm learning to take care of myself - mind, body and spirit. Through sharing my successes and struggles, my experience and lessons learned, I hope I can encourage others to take a chance with a healthier lifestyle. You don't have to run half marathons or do triathlons. Just get active in whatever way you enjoy and start being aware of your body. This is our temple. God gave us this body for our soul to dwell in while here on Earth, let's treat it as wonderful as it was made for us.

November 2008 I was 170 pounds. That was only 10 pounds lighter than when I gave birth in January 2008. I didn't take measurements at this time. I never expected to get these results!

May 2009 - after 3 5k races and 2 triathlons, I was high at 157 pounds. This is when I started Beachbody and became a Coach. I took measurements this time.

MAY 2009
ARMS: 12in
WAIST: 34.5in
HIPS: 40in
CHEST: 38.5in
THIGHS: 24in
CALVES: 13in

WEIGHT: 127.8 (this is a total of 42.2 pounds!)
ARMS: 10.5in
WAIST: 29in
HIPS: 35.5in
CHEST: 35.5in
THIGHS: 20.5in
CALVES: 12.5in

I'm very happy with all my stats. I've worked hard and feel healthy! Not just because I'm shrinking, but because of the lifestyle. I think I'd be happy at whatever measurement/weight as long as I felt this good and healthy! I stopped trying to lose weight/inches months ago. I hit a place I felt comfortable. However, by continuing to do what I love, everything keeps going down.

I do still have goals though!
My problem area at the moment is muscle definition, which I posted about yesterday. I want to tighten up these abs and see more flat/muscle definition. That's the one measurement number up there that I'm not all that extatic about. I'm very proud of what I've lost in the waist, but I'm not totally content with the measurment it still is. However, having the definition show through is more important to me than measurements.

So if anyone out there actually reads all this mummble jumble of a mess I write... Go out and take a walk, ride your bike, pop in that TurboJam DVD that you ordered ages ago. Don't think of it as exercise. Kids on the playgroud don't think of how many calories they're burning, they just go out and have FUN! When they're tired of the swings, do they just give up on the whole playground? NO. They go play on the slide, the jungle gym, they run around and play tag. So when you get bored with something, try something new. Just never give up entirely! It's positive YOU time!

Don't forget I'm a Beachbody coach - so if you need a swift kick in the butt, some encouragment or direction, I'm always here. There are plenty of at-home tools to get you where you desire to be with a healthy lifestyle.


Jrsygurl4life said...

Congrats Love! That is so exciting. You weight as much as me, right now. But in a few months I'll be heavier :( hopefully, I can kick my butt into gear after my pregnancy. Keep up the good (fun) work!

Coach KBeans said...

Thanks for the love :o)

And don't you worry - I'll get ya going! Keep up a healthy style while pregnant and don't make the same mistake I did, you'll be good to go!