Monday, January 25, 2010

10 to 7

Finally!!!! I promised myself I wouldn't record any of this week's runs until I did my long run. And I did it today!

Due to nursing this calf strain, I did the mileage that was called for on my half training schedule, but broke it into smaller portions all throughout the week. I did see the doctor for the strain and he assured me that although I didn't want to push it too too hard (hills, speed, high miles), that getting right back into a routine was fine and healthy. That day I came home and went running!! I felt like a piece of me had been missing lol I'm such a running dork.

I decided that every Sunday, my long run day, would be no less than 10 miles. I feel that in order to be ready for 13.1 miles through Red Rock Canyon, I need to be hitting at least a 10-miler once a week. Then yesterday, Sunday, I was having a crappy day. I was upset about something and my lovely dh and I were kinda rubbing each other the wrong way... it lead to me not wanting to do anything. I also was SO totally not feeling 10 miles. I said like 4 times yesterday "Forget it... I'm not doing Red Rock. I just don't have the motivation, strength, endurance. I just can't do it..." As those words even come out of my mouth, there's a voice in my head saying "SHUT UP. YOU SO CAN DO IT." But there are times where I still doubt my ability. I know the ticket to a ride on the feel-better
train is usually... a run! It proves to me how much I have built up my endurance and strength.

So I skipped the run yesterday, called it a bad day and committed to doing a long run today, Monday.

The week's recap:

Monday, rest
Tuesday, 2.5 miles
Wednesday, 2 miles
Thursday, 2 miles
Friday, rest
Saturday, 2 miles & 30min Shakeology full-body workout
Sunday - bad day
Monday - 7 miles!

The 10-miler turned to a 7-miler so that I could rush over to my son's school to help in his classroom. I'm not disappointed though because I left that 7 miles feeling AWESOME! I know for sure 3 more miles would have been fine! I'm experiencing with Hammer Gel. Took a Tropical flavored one at the 1-hour mark. I felt amazing. I felt like I had a great amount of energy, I wasn't hurting as much as usual, and the enrgy carried me through helping at my son's school. Nothing but my right calf hurts a little bit, but even that isn't too bad and I'll go on to run 4.5 miles tomorrow.

During the run and especially when I'm not running (usually while sitting), my left knee burns, towards the bottom left side of the knee. Really bad uncomfortable burning and aching. I might be heading back to Milligan. I'm mad at myself for not mentioning it to him before. It's getting to the point of not being able to handle the pain well. Any suggestions?

Happpppppy running!!


robison52 said...

Happy to hear that your calf strain wasn't too serious and you're cleared by your doctor to run!

I haven't ran Red Rock Canyon for ages, lately my long runs are out and back on Torrey Pines Road, which partially traverses the old Las Vegas Marathon course.

Coach KBeans said...

Is that sourse pretty flat? I'm sure nothing here in Vegas will ever be completely flat, but I'm getting reallyu tired of the constant hills. I tend to fall back on the treadmill for a flat run but I'm also not fond of 10+ miles on the mill...