Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Recovery run

Today was finally a run day and I felt physically up for it. I took it to the treadmill @ the gym though. I felt I needed the forced pace. I goaled to go for 30 minutes or 2-3 miles. Whichever I felt like doing as I approached one of those first. I ended up with a 3.5 mile walk/run. I started out walking a med/fast pace for a 1/2 mile, then I paused the mill and stretched my legs, then ran at a comfortable pace for the next 1/2 mile... and so on. I went from run to walk without stretching, but any time I was going from walking to running I would pause and stretch beforehand. The first 1/2 mile of running I felt like my leg would buckle at any moment. The muscles felt a little sore and weak. I just pushed through it and it got way easier as I continued. Thus the 3.5 miles instead of 2-3. I hit the hot tub for 10 minutes afterwards. Then spent the evening in Zensah compression leg sleeves.

This week has shown me that eventhough I slightly knew... now I'm totally sure that I'm completely, utterly and incomprehensively addicted to running. I don't get it, I don't understand it fully, but it is what it is. Worst of all... I'm ok with it.


Found a possible running group! Going to try it out this week. Looking forward to it.


robison52 said...

Many running groups in Las Vegas, but I work long and strange hours, 12:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. and notice most shoe store groups meet in the evenings.

I did notice that the Las Vegas Track Club is going to have a Champion Series, a race every a month on a weekend and age group awards at the end of the year...it's less frills, but only $3.00 a race!!

Coach KBeans said...

That's the company my son did his first 2-miler with. I loved the cheap entry fee and personally I love smaller runs.

The group I went to tonight was great. I hope it continues to be. It's taken me so long to find one that coincides with my husband's crazy hours.