Monday, January 11, 2010


I wrote a post on this before the Half and here's another one. I needed the experience to really understand what I was dealing with.

Here's what I have to say about fuel during the Half Marathon race. I wasn't hungry really. But I knew trying to run hard for 3 hours was pushing my body to some limits. Especially since I haven't done it before. Water makes my stomach feel sloshy so I've gotten used to running long distances without hydration. I also hate running with much gear on. I only drink water in my daily life, so I stay hydrated and then go without on a run. I don't get thirsty either. So I'm not sure if this is normal or not, but it's what's worked for me.

Now the situation I'm facing is that I think my recovery is suffering. I may not have enough balance of electrolytes. While training the next 8 weeks for my next Half, I'm going to use Endurolytes by Hammer (2 pills per 1.5 hours of running + 1-2 more after the run) and Hammer Gel (1 packet for every 1.5 hours of running). For those that use this - does that sound good, too much, too little?

My #1 concern is that I will be come dependent on products. I want to be able to go for a run wherever, whenever. So... I'm still a little unsure of starting this, but I do need to try something.


captainswab said...

Okay, now that my nerves have died down I can tell you what I normally do here as well.

Typically they say you need something for every 45 minutes when you are doing an edurance activity. Every 45 minutes for me is too much. I take a gel (gu, cliff, etc) every 6 miles. For my 15 mile run yesterday I took a gu at mile 7. I can't handle more sweetness than that. During a race I might take a cup of gaterade once in awhile (like maybe 3 total whole race) because again the sweetness factor is too much for me.

If you don't like to rely on product so much you can take some dates with you and they will give you the same effect. Just eat a couple every hour or so. They say the same with banana but I don't really want to try carrying a banana with me.

You body needs the simple sugars to keep going. Post race you need to eat some carbs and protien within 30-45 minutes of finishing. A popular thing to drink is actually chocolate milk. And I'm talking only for longer runs here.

10 miles or less I don't bother with any of this, just water.

Coach KBeans said...

sounds right up my alley!

I love you. hehe

I can't believe the earthquakes! craziness.