Sunday, January 10, 2010

Recovery & 2nd Half Marathon - Calling All Experienced Runners!

With my first one done, it's time to practice recovery and maintence for the next one.

Oddly, I wanted to go out running today LOL

I'm positive it's too soon. My brain was doing the thinking, not my body. I definitely needed some walking though. Too much rest and my muscles get stiff. I decided to go grocery shopping at a few places and 'kill two birds with one stone'.

The majority of the soreness is in my right calf, left knee, both thighs, and hip flexors. The pain is slowly heading up to my torso today.

I'm using the RICE method (rest, ice, compression, elevation), but didn't ice it yesterday. I used light heat in the shower. It seemed to be the signal I was getting - cold just didn't feel right at the time. Tonight I will ice. And although I'm not one for medicines, I took 2 Ibuprofen last night. None today, I feel good enough without it.

My main concern and confusion at this point is how long do I sit out? I want to run, but I understand my body needs time to recoup. Especially since I pushed it 5 miles longer and harder than I ever have before. It's probably in a bit of shock at the moment lol From what I read online, it seems that around 2 weeks of walking with light jogging at the end of that 2 weeks is sufficient. Any experienced runners have input?

I have my 2nd Half Marathon 8 weeks from now - on March 6th at Red Rock Canyon (VERY VERY hilly course). So I'm trying to figure out what to use as a maintence/training schedule for that. I am thinking I want to go out there to Red Rock for at least one of the 3 run days. But what distances should I maintain or start from?

How does Week 8 - Week 12 from Hal Higdon's Novice plan look?
4.5/4.5/8 (do this for a few weeks)
5/5/9 (do this for 2 weeks)
5/5/10 (do this for the last couple weeks)

Or does something like this look better:
3/5/10 Every week
Is this one overdoing it?


Ron said...

Dang girl you are pushin it! Nice job....I dont suggest taking time off if you have another race coming up. Why did you pick two of the hilliest courses you could find? You picked some awfully hard ones to start out with. I think it awesome though! Go big or go home! I would run a mile or two with as much walking as possible. It wont feel great but your body needs the cardio. That is the "recovery" run at its best! If you are having some mechanical issues (hip/knee pain) remember that I am local. I can help if you need it.

Coach KBeans said...

Thanks Ron! How is it that I'm just now realizing you're a physical therapist?? Jeez.

I would like your info. If possible, email me

It was either hills or heat... I can survive hills but was afraid I'd meet my maker running a half in June LOL

captainswab said...

My advice would be to go out on your normal running days and take it easy for this week, maybe next week. For example if you typically went out Tues, Thurs, Sun, I would still do that but cut the miles. The first time out maybe just walk for 30 minutes or slow jog for 30 minutes. Thursday, less walking, more running maybe at a bit of a faster pace. For your long run maybe go out for 5 miles. After my last marathon for example I skipped my tuesday run and went out for 3 miles on thursday, and then 10 on Sunday (10 was pushing it, 6 or 8 would have been plenty).

As for what to do between races, I can tell you what we nomrally do, and I have excalty 8 weeks between marathons this time too, I just took my training schedule and counted backwards 8 weeks and just followed the plan from there.

Coach KBeans said...

Thanks so much Alyssa!

The 8 week thing was what I was considering.. like why not? It works for the first one, why not this one?