Monday, November 16, 2009


Feeling great today! For the last 2 weeks, I've been hit really hard with a sinus infection. I tried running but ended up hacking the entire time. Finally it's gone!!!

My back in the meantime has been so neglected and got to the point I couldn't even bend over without uncomfortable pressure. That has never happened before. So now that the sinus infection is over, and I'm sooooo ready to get back into training, I figured a trip to the Chiropractor was in order. He's always so good to me :o)

Then, my rockin' hubby got me a giftcard and an already-made appointment for a massage for tomorrow! Gotta loooove that!

I'm going to jump into the training schedule from where I should be now. I'm not going backwards. This is the beauty of having started out simple and taking my time.

The plan says that this week I will be running

I can totally do that...I hope. lol

oh P.S.
I forgot to mention that while stuck in a non-running state for the past 2 weeks, I took real notice to my eating habits, which have been relatively great. I am still a vegetarian, but not one that goes for the pasta instead. Being Italian, that's hard not to do! But I do really well. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, whole grains but limit the bread/carb intake. I eat to fuel my body, not to celebrate or deal with emotions. It's been a very life-changing year for me and the way I view eating habits.

Which brings me to my newest challenge. I always said I would never be the one to count calories... but alas, I'm counting calories. I have had the habit of writing down what I eat from years ago, but it became really hard to do with the more children I popped out. I admit, it's time consuming some days. However, I have found that if I write it down as I make my meal, then it doesn't really take much more time. So I have been doing this now for 2 weeks, keeping it down to 1200 if I'm not running or working out. I have now lost about 5 more pounds. I know that seems like a lot really fast, but this is how my body always works when I change something up. Then it levels out and slows down. I'm looking forward to seeing the resuslts of getting back to full-time training and cross-traning workouts. I'm excited really! I have set a goal to lose 1/2 a pound a week for 6 months. It will keep me motivated each week and give me that more immediate reward I need to keep going.

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robison52 said...

Howdy! To answer your question in my blog, check out this month's Running Times Magazine, December 2009, pg 21-26, Article by Mackenzie Lobby, called "Tragically Hip--New Research Suggest Weak Hips Are Behind Inuries Throughout the Body." The article has EIGHT hip exercises with description of exercise and pictures. Hopefully, Running Times Online Magazine will eventually have the article posted on the internet.