Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 13 &14 - Half Marathon Training

Saturday, day 13:
I was suppose to cross-train and planned on going for a nice long bike ride... but as always soccer season is busy and my plans for Saturdays don't usually work out.

Sunday, day 14:
went well!

5 pm
4 miles
total time - 45:31
Beautiful weather! About 75-80 degrees. Sun was going down so it wasn't direct and hot like during the day.

Had horrible stomach cramps. I was doing a great 10 min/mile run when stomach cramps set in bad. Really wish they hadn't.


robison52 said...

Where do you normally run? Have you determined what caused the stomach cramps? Are you on Facebook too?

Coach KBeans said...

Hi! Long time no talk.

I usually run around my house. We just moved in September and there's a lot of options in different directions. I love the variety. I'm out in the Southwest around Mountain's Edge.

The stomach cramps... the ones during the heat race? If so, I have found out that I am intolerant of sweet dairy. Ice cream, too much cheese, yogurt, etc. It makes me horrible sick.

And yup, I'm on FB! email addy is