Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 30 - Half Marathon Training

It's been exactly one month of half marathon training! That includes half of it covered in a sinus and bronchial infection. So, naturally, I was a little nervous today. I was pickng up from where I should be, not from where I left off. I am able to do the distances and I don't want to lose precious time. The timing is exact leading up to the first of four races.

4 miles
total time - 47:58
It was really nice out today. It was November. Chilly but sunny.

I had a really rough run today. Within the first 1/2 mile, my legs were sore. I'm not sure what that's about. I figured it was that I just needed to warm up, but the rest of the run I felt like I just couldn't get them up. I felt like I was dragging the whole way. I felt mentally strong, but not physically. Eh, every run is different.

I had some muscle cramping... in my shoulder! Not in my legs, hips, calves, back... nope, it was my shoulder and neck. It moved down into my chest on the right side. It was bad enough that I ended up walking from about mile 2 to mile 3. Then I ran most of the way of the last mile to finish out as strongly as I could.

Lucky for me, I had a massage scheduled today! Thanks to my honey :o)

Overall, the run wasn't my best, but I did it and that's all that mattered today. Getting back out there on the road and proving to myself I can.


Ron said...

For some reason you are not coming up on my dashboard. I was wondering if your blog setting are not allowing us to follow publicly. Thanks for the kind words about my race. I did get a tshirt from a kid, I was wondering if that was your son!

Ron said...

scratch that...I thought I was a follower and I wasnt, now I am!

Coach KBeans said...

oh that makes sense now! lol Welcome aboard!

I'm sooo proud of you and this race!