Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 8-11 Half Marathon Training

Well here we go again.... I dislike being pessamistic. I'm really a positive outgoing person, but this is just getting ridiculous now. How many times am I going to pick up a training routine and have it just slip right through my fingers?

I'm having a horrible week. Not as bad as it could be... but a pretty stressful week. Everyone's alive, breathing and well. It's just one of them weeks where it seems like everything you try to get done doesn't. I haven't run since Sunday and because of that I'm one cranky mama.

Autumn is such a busy time of year, yet it's my favorite season. So why the overabundance of "stuff" to do all the time? Where's the enjoyment in the cooler but not yet freezing weather, the excitement of watching the leaves turn? The welcoming of new "stuff" to do?

Why can't I seem to juggle everything on my plate? I've learned to be more careful with how much I put on there.... Maybe it's just me. Yeah that's it. It really is just me.

I know I will do this half marathon in January, and the other 3 I have committed myself to for the year (with the exception of obvious things like injuries and whatnot), but I can't say I'll be all that prepared....

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