Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back to School and other cleansing stuff

There are a lot of fun exciting things going on.

We homeschool, as you may already know, and school officially starts Monday! I wasn't getting into this whole "school starts a certain day" crap. We homeschool, and it's a lot of life-learning education, so we never stop schooling in my opinion. There's never a day where we don't learn something in math, science, art, history etc... But anyway, I realized that this school year needs to be taken more seriously. We will have designated school time and a schedule for when to get up in the morning. This will allow me to have more time in the day and keep me accountable for making sure schoolwork is done. I will have time to workout, run, ride, whatever. And time to make everyone meals. If we don't keep this schedule going, I will be easily frazzled and lose my mind.

New home... can't go into details. That's obviously a little too personal for an open blog. But we will soon have a new home and it's all happening pretty quickly. Fun, exciting, yet kinda scary and I'm nervous that once the dust settles, we won't actually like it there... oh well.
God hands, God's plans.

Colonics.... have you ever had this done? Do it. I'm on session 2 and I recommend others definitely give it a try. It isn't painful or embarrasing. It's very private. And most of all, it WORKS. Better skin, more energy yet you feel calm and relaxed afterwards. Just more... centered. Although you feel more alive, you also feel more alert which for me takes away anxiety. Try it. (also just google "benefits of colonics" or "colonics hydrotherapy")

Run tomorrow - hopefully 3 miles.
Power90 - Cardio Phase 3-4, Ab Ripper 200 & Circuit 3-4

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