Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Goooooooood Morning!

Over the past few months I have changed my diet drastically. Becoming a vegetarian was a major turning point.

Since my last triathlon, I have improved my diet even more. I am now strictly on a "plan" (but really just a guide for eating healthier for the rest of my life), from P90X. It has a couple different phases and you have a variety of choices for how many calories you want to take in, all different vegetarian substitutes for protien sources and a guide for what amount of food equals about how many calories. This is really helpful for someone whose NEVER EVER been able to count calories. It was always too hard to count calories, fat, sodium, fiber, etc. I'm completely amazed that I'm able to even somewhat count them now. And it isn't about not eating certain foods groups or cutting all carbs. It's a great balance of learning to eat ALL foods but in moderation and nutritionally rounding out meals and snacks, and learning to eat 6x a day. THAT is the hardes part for me... eating SO much. But I know I'll get used to it, and I've absolutely noticed an increase in my energy. I can now do Slim in 6 and a Turbo Jam workout in one day.

So here's an example of "eating more". This was breakfast:
6 egg whites w/spinach, mushrooms and 1 slice american cheese
2 veggie bacon strips
1 cup sliced strawberries
1/2 wheat bagel, cut in half
It all comes out to less than 400 calories.
To cut it down to less than 300 calories, just skip the bagel.
*YES! I spent 100 calories on the 1/2 a bagel because this girl needs her carbs! :o) If I had been thinking more clearly, I would have chosen a piece of wheat toast instead.
I scored a HUGE 4 pound egg whites container at Whole Foods for only $19.99! This makes it MUCH easier and cheaper than using egg beaters or picking out the yolks myself. You can get the Organic Egg Whites, same brand and same size container, for $29.99. And then there are smaller container as well, which range around $7-$10. The spinach and mushrooms were leftovers from the other night's dinner. And I scored 4 pounds of strawberries on sale for $6 ($2.99 each for 2 pound cartons).
Eating healthy doesn't have to be a pain or expensive! And I'm being very honest when I say I liked the egg whites MUCH better than full eggs. They were fluffier on their own (without having to add milk or pancake mix like many restaurants do), and they allowed the flavors of the spinach and mushrooms come through much better.
Today I'll be doing Slim in 6 'Ramp It Up' and Turbo Jam 'Learn & Burn'. I got a new pair of biking shorts so I reeeeeeeally want to try them out. We'll see how hot it ouside and then maybe I'll add a good bike ride too!
Have a great Tuesday!

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