Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Breaking It Down

I have been overwhelmed at the thought of trying to explain all the trianing I'm doing. It makes sense in my brain, but when I try to explain it "out loud" on the keyboard, it seems so hectic. So I'm breaking it down just like my training - into 3 parts.

I have a 5k race coming up on June 27th. The Running With the Devil race, and then I'll be volunteering for 8 hours afterwards. I chose the 5k because I was a little intimidated by the heat factor and really wanted to have enough steam to volunteer. I don't know if I regret the decision to only run a 5k, but I can say that I'm definitely not challenging myself. I sit here on my suppose-to-run days and think "but I know I can run 3.1 miles, it's no big now". That isn't why I sign up for races. I sign up to challenge myself, force myself to push harder and train further than I have before. On the other hand, add the heat and a challenge to myself to have a possible PR with all the x-training I've been doing, and maybe it will actually turn out to be a great race! I have to admit, I've seen people at races who are themed and seem to be having fun at their race... I never was like that because for me it was all business. I'm actually looking forward to having some FUN this time! Maybe one day I can feel the fun of a 1/2 marathon or something. Hey a girl can dream right?

I have been biking quite a few times since IronGirl. I'm not sure if it's just because biking is "the new kid in town" and gives me an excuse to buy more cool gear, or if it's because I REALLY feel like I'm good at it! I get that spark and excitement when I think about riding through the mountains or down a street of palm trees. Even to go to the store! I'd rather bike than do anything else.... however, I know that it can't be the only thing I do or I won't see improvement in anything else. So sometimes we have to sacrafice enjoyment for the better of the big picture.
I took a ride out at Red Rock the other day. I did 13 miles in 45 minutes. Not amazing compared to some superstar triathletes, but that is a great improvement since IronGirl where I did only 10 miles in 45 minutes!

I have to admit I haven't been in the water since IG. I just don't have the love for swimming like I do for running and biking. But again, it's one of those things I have to do. I won't give up triathlon because I'm not an amazing swimmer. I will continue to improve my running and biking and just know that I have to make up in those areas of time where I lack in my swim time.
On an really awesome note - I had an epiphany! I have always felt like my swimming lacked just cardio and breahting techinique. As I got better with cardio and practiced technique, I saw my stamina and time improve from The Rage triathlon to IronGirl. I did 3/4 mile at IG in the same time that I did 1/2 mile at Rage. After that, I felt like I improved as much as I really could to make up any real time difference. Now it's time to strengthen - duh right? I don't know why it didn't dawn on me how incredibly important it is to seriously cross train the swimming muscles. I mean, I got it and understood it had to happen but never understood the shear importance. So now I have a bunch of x-training resistance band workouts I'm doing that help simulate swimming and works those muscles without having to suit up, leave home and get wet.

Oh how very very important is cross training. SO important. But with 3 kids and already spending so much time away in spin classes and running, I just didn't have time for cross trianing. I was improving and obviously getting stronger and gaining endurance, but after IG it got to a point in my 3-sport trianing that I felt like I had really plataued. I felt like I could keep running, biking and swimming laps, but was I ever going to get stronger? leaner? faster? And I felt the answer was no. At least not for a very long time of just 'basic trianing'.
So now, as you know I'm a BeachBody Coach and so I have a bunch of the workouts, including a bouncy ball, pull up/push up bar, weighted gloves, and resistance bands up the wahzoo.
I'm currently doing LOTS of cross trianing that is really improving my cardio, strength and I'm slimming like crazy! I've lost 4.5 pounds so far and inches all over, mostly in my waist. My favorites at the moment are Slim in 6, Slim & 6-pack, TurboJam with weighted gloves, and I love love love this move from P90X called "In & Outs". Strengthening my core, legs, arms and back are going to be MAJOR keys to my triathlon success.

I now see a brighter light, but it isn't at the end of the tunnel, it's just the beginning of a greater triathlete forming inside of me.


robison52 said...

Gosh, your training looks overwhelming to me!! All I have on my plate is the upcoming "4th of July 5k Blast" at Bunker Park. I hear you about being intimidated by the heat, but I just hope to do well in my age division and beat my previous July 4th race at Bunker Park.

Ron said...

What I like to see after the awesome training you had recently is the change tone your writing has. Much more confident and positive. I think that is the best part. YOU GO.

Coach KBeans said...

I hope you do well in your 5k July 4th Blast too! I thought about doing that one but it's only a few days after Devil. We just keep missing each other around here!

Ron, thank you. That means a lot. I was starting to feel very stuck. I'm feeling SO much better now that I've learned how to get x-training in. I now have that missing piece to the puzzle and am starting to feel really complete in my training - it's invigorating!