Tuesday, May 26, 2009

5-26-09 How it's goin' today

Yesteday was not good at all! I am still nursing our baby and she kept me up ALL night on Sunday night/Monday morning. I tried my hardest to get through Ramp It Up, even with some modified movements but I was just BEAT. So I only finished half and then took a much needed nap. I followed that up with an early bedtime and caught a lot of rest. I needed that ebcause today I kicked booty with Ramp It Up! I didn't sit or modify at all! I'm feeling the itch to run again so I have to find some time to squeeze that in.

I'm eating well today, no cravings like yesterday. Yesterday I wanted a chocolate chip cookie on top of a potato chip. LOL And I did it! I believe some days you have to just let go and give in to those weird cravings.

I am having problems with eating so much. It totally and completely makes sense to eat more to burn calories, because if we don't eat enough our bodies hold onto and store the fat for fear of starvation. However, it's hard to get out of the brainwashed idea of "eat less to lose more" anorexic-food-is-bad type stuff we're all inundated with.

Eat more calories, just less fat.

3/4 cup cottage cheese
w/honeydew melon, country pumpkin granola and sesame seeds

Grilled cheese & tomato sandwich (whole grain wheat bread, 2 slices of white american cheese, sliced tomato)
1 golden apple w/natural peanut butter

H2O so far: 60 oz. (goal is 155 oz)

Off topic - I found a beautiful dog today running in our neighborhood! We can't keep it. We absolutely cannot handle a dog again. She's out back right now. Matt went out and bought her some dog food, a couple bones and some treats. She's going to want to stay! lol I hope we find her owner, I don't want to take her to a shelter :(

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