Friday, May 22, 2009

Just the jump start I needed!


Slim in 6 seriously whoops my butt and I love it so much!

May 17th 2009 - 157 pounds
hip: 40 in
arms: 12 in
thighs: 24 in
calves: 13 in
waist: 34.5 in
chest: 38.5 in

May 22, 2009 - 154.5 pounds (-2.5 pounds)
hips: 39 (-1 in)
arms: 12
thighs: 23.5 (-1/2 in)
calves: 13
waist: 33.5 (-1 in)
chest: 38 (-1/2 in)


robison52 said...

Just noticed you changed your name to Coach KBeans...easy name to remember as I LOVE Jelly Bellys.

I haven't had my measurements done since I joined 24 Hour Fitness ten years ago. Measurements might help me to motivate me too, although I don't really want a he-man body, but prefer slim and trim, afterall I am a runner.

Coach KBeans said...

And this is exactly why I needed to start something else.. I'm carrying way too much weight when running and I'm already starting to feel it in my knees and my back. I know those things are inevitable, but by trimming up and losing some pounds, I think I'll be way better off.

Measurements are SERIOUS motivation! Since our weight fluctuates so much with water, salt, muscle and fat, it's just so hard to go completely by the scale weight.

Could you imagine your measurements from 10 years ago until now!? That would be awesome to see!