Friday, April 17, 2009

You're kidding me right!?

I was on a team for the relay style olympic distance Rage in the Sage triathlon here in Las Vegas tomorrow.

WHY in the world do I get a call from my biker saying her and the swimmer decided they aren't comfortable with that distance and aren't going to do it. She says "I know you made a deposit but...."DEPOSIT MY FRIGGIN FANNY! I paid in full biotch. AND YOU KNOW I DID. Neither of them paid me. They both knew the distance when we signed up. They have been complete slackers and didn't train or prepare and now I'm going to be out $160???!

WHY do people do this crap? more like HOW. How can someone do this to someone else. I have been training my butt off for the 6 miles run, it's the most I've ever run and that's all I should be focusing my energy on right now. Yet instead, here I am the day of packet pick up and 1 day before race day having to do damage control. I was shaking when I got the message. I was just in utter shock.

Here are my options now, after a night of phone calls and emails. I got ahold of the swimmer girl, she basically told me in other words that it was our biker who gave out, but that she has a guy friend of hers who bikes seriously and we could maybe use him. OR, I talked to the director of the entire race and he said I could do the sprint distance by myself if I want to. But I won't be getting a refund either way. I don't know wth to do! The morale of working with a team is so out the window. I am anxious, worried and stressed right now at the thought of trusting people again. However, I will then get the money I'm owed from the other parts of the team. If I do it by myself I'm paying double for my first ever triathlon that I can only pray I'm ready for and then I have to rent a wetsuit and buy slick tires for my bike (or hopefully I'm can borrow one form a friend) because there's no way I'll make it with the mountain bike tires I currently have.

I'm sick to my stomach.


Michele said...

OMGoodness! That is crazy! I would be furious.

If I lived closer I would do the bike part...thats my favorite.

robison52 said...

You would think the organizer would be more understanding and give back 2/3 of the money...or at the very least find replacements for you.