Friday, April 17, 2009

Update - Rage here I come

It's way late and I am heading to bed but I wanted to update.

The swimmer ended up being a total sweetheart about it and is going to pay me her portion. The biker has ignored my calls and texts.

The swimmer girl's guy friend ended up not being available so it looks like by this time tomorrow night I will be calling myself a full triathlete!!

I ended up with a road bike from my pastor's wife who JUST bought it a couple weeks ago at a garage sale. I've checked it over and added a water bottle holder. Then I found a wetsuit for $75. It sucks I had to put out even more money, but I WILL tri again so dh and I are just trying to look at it as an investment.

Please be thinking and praying for me tomorrow morning. I'm nervous as heck, and can't beat this headache I've had for 3 days. Not to mention the 4 hours of sleep it seems I'll be getting.

However, I'm ready to KICK BUTT!

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robison52 said...

Sounds like you made some great investments in your future health and fitness. Looking forward to reading your upcoming success!! You will kick butt.