Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Upcoming races

I have a 5k this Saturday March 14th - the Six Tunnels to Hoover Dam, an dannual St. Patty's Day race. I'm a little apprehensive about this one because of the high nuber of people. There's going to be 1000+ runners and I haven't ever run with that many people. I don't know what to expect. Will I be able to keep my pace? Will it be a pain to have to keep running around people? I'm just doing it really to get another 5k done and to experience running up there, it's supposedly a really beautiful race!

Then On April 4th, the whole fam is heading to Lake Havasu in Arizona for the Havasu Half marathon and 5k. It'll be a fun trip, a new experience and since I will have done two 5k races already, I shouldn't be nervous at all. It'll be our first travel race!

On another note, Ricky started running yesterday. He did better than I expected him to. He kept up a good pace and didn't give up when he felt a bit tired. We did about 1/10 short of a mile. Afterwards he still had wind to play at the park and run some sprint races with his brother! His first race will be March 28th! 2 miles.


The Jacobs Family said...

Very Cool Blog. I'm Jimmy from running. I read alot of those blogs to inspire me to run. I will read yours from time to time, because runners in general inspire me.
God Bless.+
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val said...

Thanks Jimmy!