Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I just don't have it in me

I have been trying off and on now for 4 months to train for a triathlon. I get really excited and do well the first few weeks, but then I lose it. I just can't get into the swimming and cycling. I love being active so it's really fun for me to do those sports, but I don't enjoy them both enough to train and do them alllllll the time. I just don't have the desire for them like I do for running. When it comes to running, I feel sad when I have to give up running to go biking or swimming. I look more forward to running races throughout my triathlon training than swim and cycle training. I'm just not having fun with it and find myself longing to run instead. I also LOVE the fact that with running, I can travel all over the place. It's so simple to pack the family of 5 and my running shoes and just go. The first week in April, we're heading to Lake Havasu in Arizona for a run race. Just GO. I'm finding myself harboring a desire to go from my 5k to a 1/2 marathon by summer. I think I;d rather do a triathlon to say I;ve done one. To have it on my resume of life, but running...running just seems to be in my blood. I think about it all the time. It's my true desire.

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