Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shakeology Cleanse - Day 2

Yesterday was a little rough. I was very irritable, but hubby and I both agree it was mostly due to the busy day. I really really dislike being too busy and overscheduled.

Today has been interesting so far. I decided that I would weigh an measure everyday's progress so that I can see if one day has more effect on me than another day and then compare that with my notes for the day and how I felt, how much water I drank, did I have more fruit, etc, etc.

My stats so far:

weight: 124.8 lbs
waist: 29
abdomen: 36.25

Total food counts for DAY 1:
783 calories
86.5g protein
89.5g carbs
9.5g fats
(however, I must note that I don't have calulations for some of the veggies I had in my salad OR for the olive oil I used when cooking the asparagus that I added to my plate for dinner) But those won't change the numbers too much anyway.

weight: 122 lbs
waist: 28
abdomen: 35.5

For a second I thought... "maybe it's dehydration" because to be really too honest, I haven't many BMs. In my opinion, not enough to equal those amounts of loss. And I didn't exercise yesterday. I was so worn out from the business of the day that I had nothing left to give. Howevr, I had 104 ounces of water yesterday! So it can't be dehydration.

Today, I'm definitely going through withdraw of food and calories. I'm feeling fatigued and somewhat bloated. Whatever my husband is cooking up for lunch for the kids smells AMAZING! (It must seem like he's always the one making them their meals... I swear I do make them food too!) We're a great team ♥

I'm starving right now. Nauseously hungry. I want to go for a run - 5 miles - but I'm not sure I'd feel better or worse afterwards. Right now, I want to break the cleanse SO bad. I shall be back later to update....


Ok it's later! I decided to throw 2 tsp crunchy peanut butter and a banana into my Lunch Shake (instead of the mixed fruit or having it plain). THAT HIT THE SPOT! Even my hubby and kids were begging for more. It tasted SO good! I instantly felt energized and focused. When I was done, I went for a run - 5 miles! I feel AWESOME and I'm no longer counting the hours until dinner. I feel full and satisfied.


Dinner was much different today than yesterday. I wasn't starving by dinner time and and feeling much more satisfied afterwards. I didn't eat too differently though, so it's probably due to eating a hartier lunchtime Shake and going for the run. I'm less hungry when I exercise. This feeling of contentment was appreciated after being so hungry earlier.

I added a few items today -
2 tsp Peanut Butter, 1(5oz) can of Tuna, and a banana.

Instead of Salmon, I used tuna on my salad tonight. I also added about 1.5 cup of cooked zucchini.

Baby Spring Mix, 5oz Tuna, 3 cherry tomatoes, onion,
Raspberry Vinegarette

For today, I still need 80oz of water, 1 cup of green tea, 1 Shake.

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