Monday, March 22, 2010

Shakeology Cleanse - Day 1

I went to bed last night SO excited and feeling ubber prepared... then I hit the alarm clock off 3 times and well we all know what happens when we do that! It just throws our whole day off.

The fam and I had lots of errands to run today and my oldest had school. He ended up being a little late (bad mommy!). So while I got dressed and quickly took my weight & measurements, Hubby threw on the teapot and start boiling water for the Green Tea and fed the kids breakfast (he's such a great daddy!). Then I blended up my Greenberry Shakeology and off we went! I basically consumed both as one meal - Green Tea first and then the Shake.

We were out soooooo much longer than expected today. In fact, it was time to pick up our oldest by the time we headed back home! And I still had another store to go to! So we go pick him up, come home, drop off hubby and the 2 other kiddos, I blend my second Shake, and then my oldest and I head back out to the store to pick up salad for moi, steak for hubby and pay a bill. If nothing else, Shakeology has been really convenient!

Now here I am... finally getting a moment to sit down and relish in all the wonderful things that happened today. It was one heck of a great Godly day!

I also wanted to come on here and give a list of the exact products I'm using for this Shakeology Cleanse...

Greenberry Shakeology
Tea: Liptons Naturally Decaf Green Tea
Fruit: Sunrise Growers frozen fruit mix (pineapple, strawberry, peach, red grape)
Lean Meat: Wild Salmon Fillets, frozen and individually vacuum packed
Salad: Private Selection Organic Baby Spring Mix
Dressing: Annie's Natural Raspberry Vinegarette
Water: my goal is at least 100 ounces (preferably 124 oz) per day

As for how I feel today... I'm not hungry at all, just munchy-hungry. I am looking forward to dinner so I can bite into something. But this is habit more than anything because my stomach is content and full. Something interesting is how much I've had to pee! I usually can drink A LOT before having to, but within a half hour of my morning green tea and shake I REALLY had to go! Like really really. LOL

I still have a salmon salad for dinner, another Shake and a cup of green tea to consume before bedtime.


My grilled Salmon salad! (I also added 4 spears of asparagus after I took the pic)

Baby Spring Mix, Wild Salmon, 3 cherry tomoatoes, 1 cutie, onion,
Raspberry Vinegarette


And off topic but SO exciting - my oldest son brought home his progress report - STRAIGHT A's!!! I'm so proud of him. Not just because they're straight A's, but because he's showing effort. If you've kept up with me on him and school, you'd know that we were homeschooling but when we gave traditional school a try they made him go back and repeat a grade that he already COMPLETELY passed with excellence. VERY frustrating for me, and I'm sure for him although he is more delighted in making new friends that he doesn't really care. However, this means more work for him, because in only 2 months he finished the 1st grade Math book they gave him his first day. So he comes home and does 2nd grade work to bring into the teacher. He loves learning so he is doing just absolutely amazing. His writing was a B. It's his least strong area. But even a B is great for a struggling subject! He decided he wanted to challenge himself for an A-Honoroll pin for his lanyard.... and wouldn't ya know! He brings home this progress report with all A's. So most of all, I'm proud that he made a goal, worked hard towards it, and achieved it.

God and I have been really in sync lately... it's been easy times and I'm VERY grateful and thankful for these down times. It's a great opportunity to take in all that is peaceful and calm. I'm feeling very clear and in touch with the Lord. It feels really good.

Have a great night everyone ♥


Jrsygurl4life said...

Wow, that's super exciting about Ricky getting all A's!! Tell him to keep up the hard work :)

Mommy reaches her goals and he can too!

kim said...

I have a quick question...I'm a beachbody coach and have been dying to try shakeology but I'm also nursing my 8 month old. Did you use shakeology while nursing? There isn't much info out there, thanks! kim.bokor on facebook :)

val said...

Kim, thank you so much for bringing my attention back here! It's been busy busy all of a sudden!

I am still nursing my 26-month old. We haven't had any problems. The one thing that Shakeology has that you'd want to be careful of are the milk-based ingredients it contains. I can tell you my experience - I have a very sensitive milk intolerance. If I have milk, ice cream, pie, cake, etc, I get very very sick and bloated. I can't even do Whey protien powder anymore. But I have never ever had a problem with Shakeology. And I love that Shakeology is gluten-free because my daughter is allergic to wheat/gluten.

In fact, I give it to her and my boys straight in a cup some days.

And I'll definitely look you up on FB!