Monday, June 29, 2009

All signed up!

As tradition has had it this year, it's now the day after a race and I'm online signing up for more.

I've lightened the load and decided to skip on Pumpkinman. Maybe I shouldn't have made that decision while feeling crappy because I made that decision based on not wanting to swim in the freezing ass water. I'm a wimp, so what. I did it in April and just don't look forward to it in October. I'll email Brogg to have him put me on the list as a volunteer.

I also decided to skip on Kokopelli. Meaning I won't be blessed with anymore of Brogg's races this year as a participant.

I'm signed up and paid for:
July 25th - Barbara Cook 5k run for Cancer, NJ
August 8-9th - volunteer @ ET Race, Rachel NV (calico racing)
September 12th - Camp Yuba sprint triathlon, Levan UT - camping trip and a tri!

For October I'm trying to get back on the team I was suppose to be with for the Ragnar Relay. I reeeeeeally want to do that relay but was giving it up for the Pumpkinman tri. I'm praying something comes through and that I also get one of the legs I feel confident I can do.

I know I keep doing this switch up and schedule stuff, but now that I'm paid in full, this won't be changing anymore. I finally feel I can relax about it all.

This also covers 2 more states now! I'm looking forward to covering all 52 of them - yes, Alaska and Hawaii. Also add on Puerto Rico. I feel so blessed to be able to do all this. The financial provision and physical abilites that God has blessed me with boggles my mind everyday.


robison52 said...

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Lucky said...

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I am looking forward to following your blog because I'm always trying to learn more about this sport that I love but am still kind of new to and I appreciate the knowledge shared by veteran runners. God bless!