Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's ON!!

Stone Harbor (NJ) Triathlon - IT'S ON BABY! I just got off the phone with a bike shop down there and I've got a 24-hour road bike rental all lined up. My size and great price. I'm STOKED! Can't wait for May 22nd when the tri goes on sale.

So the new schedule looks like this:
June 6th - Rick's kid triathlon
June 27th - Running with the Devil 5k, then volunteer for 8 hours

July 19th - Stone Harbor, NJ sprint triathlon

August - ET race volunteer

September 26th- (Tentative) Kokopelli BBSC sprint triathlon, St.George Utah

October 17 - Pumpkinman (sprint) triathlon


Gail's Card Cafe' said...

You rock! So it's no secret that I haven't done things like this but why is it so expensive? other than the high you get finishing it.... what else does this bring? I promise I'm not going to be a pain in your butt but maybe a question here or there :)

pregodego said...

There's a lot of money that goes into securing the location, permits, race managers, food, medals, trophies for top placers in age groups and overalls, and equipment (like cones, signs, bike racks, chutes, etc).

What do we as athlete's get out of it? A good time lol

As just a "Finisher", not a real competitor, I have often wondered this myself. Basically I'm paying someone to lay out a course for me. I could have DH do it for me for free right? But it's all for the fun of it! The camaraderie and the competition...

pregodego said...

Oh and don't forget the cool T-shirts and swag bags!

PS. Many race coordinators will offer race credits for volunteer work. So you'll see I often volunteer for running races and then I get credits to run other races for free :o)

robison52 said...

Sounds like a great plan!

I find that races offer me motivation to keep training hard throughout the year. You just can't push yourself hard in training like you would in races. It's money well spent for the adventure of pushing yourself beyond your new limits.

captainswab said...

Looking forward to hopefully meeting you at ET! Quite a few people from my running club want to do the half so I think I'm in for that.