Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Interval vs. Aerobic endurance

First I read this:

Then I jumped over to this:

After taking a look at her exercises and suggestions, it is very simliar to Slim in 6.

I have been struggling so much with why I can't lose weight when I'm tri-training and being more active than I have ever been in my entire life. I keep hearing the "but you're building muscle" line over and over but I'm not buying it. I buy it to a certain extent, but there's no way that I can't even get to the lower end of my high weight with all this training!

So now that I have some time off until my next race, I'm really going to stay focused on this regimine. I'm curious to see the difference in how my body reacts to SI6 compared to aerobic endurance training of biking and running. But don't get me wrong - biking and running have my heart and I'll still be doing those on the side. Like today I took a quick 30 minute ride on Cinco and then did my SI6.

I have 6 weeks until my Devil 5k run.
And my next triathlon, Stone Harbor NJ is 9.5 weeks away.

My goal is to drink only water. Which is pretty much what I do already. But I'm hitting it even harder. I will drink my weight in water everyday for at least the 6 weeks of SI6.

My next major goal is to feel comfortable in just a bathing suit for the swim at the Stone Harbor triathlon.

I will start hard tri-training again on July 1st along with whatever I choose to do after SI6.

This is difficult and frustrating at times. I know that by getting healthier and accomplishing things that not many people I know are doing is amazing in itself. But that doesn't mean that I can't strive for better and try my hardest to understand my body.

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