Saturday, April 11, 2009

WTF is wrong with me!?

I can't get motivated! I don't feel like going to the treadmill at the gym because it takes so much longer than on the road, but I can't get motivated to get outside either! I haven't run since the 6 miler the other day. I need to get in at least a small 3.5 miler or more today. I NEED TO. I don't have much time before the triathlon and I have a thing about resting the 2 days before a race, and it's worked for me so far. So that only leaves me 5 more days to train!

OK here are the goals:

saturday: 4 miles
sunday: 2 mile
monday: 4 miles
tuesday: 2 miles
wednesday: 3 miles
thursday: rest
friday: rest
saturday: THE RAGE TRI

1 comment:

robison52 said...

It's tough to get motivated when the weather in Vegas is so lously lately, the dreadmill doesn't help much either...going to the gym seems like such a hassle, have to dress twice and drive back and forth both ways to the gym is so time consuming, especially when you have a tight schedule.