Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Rage Aftermath

Well now, it's been 3 days since Rage and I thought I'd write a bit about how the aftermath has been.

I feel pretty good! I'm always tired after a race, even if it's only 3 miles. I tend to sleep for what seems like days, and this was no exception of course. I'm over the need to sleep part, and I'm already back into training for the IronGirl triathlon coming up, but my knees are in not so good shape. I have been icing them for days. I also really don't like medicine. You won't hear of me really asking for or taking meds for anything. I like to feel the pain so that I can treat what's wrong... but this time, I'm resorting to the ibuprofen to take away some swelling in the knees. It's a constant pain that hurts even when I'm sitting. In this case I'm not sure if it's one of those "push through it and it'll get better" pains or a "see a sports doc" pain... I just can't help but think a couple things -
A. I'm only 25, I don't want my running time clock to start ticking away already! To think of not ever being able to run again by 40 just tears my heart apart.
B. I need to lose weight. Seriously, I'm sick over it. How am I doing all this hard work and still haven't lost a pound!? I just have no idea what could be going on. I eat well, and am now a vegetarian. I eat a lot of protien and always have, of non-meat sources. And all I drink is water. No soda, juice, sports drinks.. nada. Everywhere I read about training for triathlons and running, they all talk about "oh and guess what, you'll start losing weight and dress sizes! oh yay!" ::picture me rolling my eyes here:: because I sure haven't. I lost 10 pounds in the begining back in January and haven't lost anything since. This effects my knees and my biking as I'm carrying so much more weight on the bike with just myself!

Ok back on track....

I'm ready to go for IronGirl. However, I'm still nervous!! How can I be sitting here saying "can I do it?" when I JUST DID? I crack myself up. I guess it happens everytime huh?

I'm feeling very accomplished and confident. Still a bit shocked at times. It takes my breath away when I look at pictures of the race. I can't believe I was there and I did it.

Current training:
I went to 45 minutes of spin yesterday followed by a 1.25 mile run w/a 40 foot climb thrown in at the end. Ricky and I had soccer practice immediately afterwards, so I had to cut everything a bit short.

Today, my knees were really bad but I gave up my jacuzzi time to go to Target and buy a new summer bathing suit. My speedo one for training just wasn't leaving flattering tanlines lol It did feel good to be able to find something so quickly. I guess I might be toning eventhough I'm not losing. Speaking of tanlines, you should see the tanlines I have leftover from the tri-shorts, halarious!

Tomorrow, 6am spin with 2 mile run immediately after. Soccer practice and a swim in the evening.

I saw a tagline somewhere.. maybe it was in the triathlete magazine they gave us in our swag bags... and I just loved the message:

Stop working out, start training.

I LOVE IT! It totally sums up why I love doing all this stuff. It isn't just working out. It's a goal. An attainable goal on a set date. It isn't just waiting around to see results in your dress size or on the scale. It's about learning something(s) new, the excitement of seeing your hard work pay off even if your body isn't showing it on the outside. It's about the inner spiritual endurance you acquire. It's the getting nervous and excitement of race day! I LOVE TRAINING.. and I'll never be someone who "just works out" again. It's such a different level now.

"Everyone in life is looking for a certain rush. RACING is where I get mine."
-John Trautmann

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