Sunday, January 8, 2012


Today I have begun a cleanse. Of mind, body and spirit. I am a pretty positive person, trying to not let the small things push me around much. I am an organized planner, but try not to let it take over my life (*Try* being the operative verb here). Yet, sometimes, life gets in control of me. I begin to feel frazzled, out of balance, and out of control of my feelings, energy, and thoughts. I feel as if I'm trudging through mud, always attempting to "catch up" to life as it seems to always stay ten steps ahead of me. I do NOT like this feeling. As I'm sure no one does.

I like to be balanced. To feel healthy in my mind, with thoughts that make sense and aren't wondering off.I like to feel in control of cravings, for foods and anything else. And rather than trying to be ten steps ahead of life, I enjoy walking along side of it, IN it, experiencing it - each moment as it is happening. I like being.

I have felt like this at times in life, and it comes with a heightened sense of peace unlike anything else.

This peace and balance comes from cleansing. Taking a look at the life you are spiraling in, and tossing out the things which do not belong. Like a game of "which one is unlike the others?", where your job is to find the things that are not matching up with the purpose of your being. Why are you here? What are you doing? What are your goals? Some of those questions may not have an apparent answer, it may be fogged or may not have been made clear to you yet, but that does not stop you from searching the TRUE and HONEST desires of your heart. Not the worldly desires. Those are fake. Think natural. What does your body need, what does your mind need, what are your spiritual needs?

They all go together to create a whole being. As you find the answer to what is fulfilling your natural, true and honest desire of the spirit, you will find physical and mental clarity. As you begin to take care of your body through honest, true and natural ways, you will find a heightened peace in the mind and spirit. And as you draw closer to the spirit, what we were meant to believe, follow, create, and BE, you will find mental clarity & serenity, and you'll feel more physical energy and peace within your phsycial being.

I began cleansing today, and will continue on for as long as I feel called to. Through this time, I will be using methods that help me achieve my goals, through prayer and physical & mental strength, overcoming obstacles, learning to listen to what is within, letting the positive and natural truth speak louder than the world does.

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