Saturday, October 2, 2010

Quest for 2300

The weather outside is frightful.... HA! Not even close, but it is getting cooler... some days. I've jumped on any chance I've gotten to run before or after midday. I'm so over the heat running and would rather workout inside at home than go out running in the midday sun anymore. By next summer I'm sure I'll be ready to go at it again in the heat... so I'll save that enthusiasm for 2011.

So this week I've put in about 10 miles so far.

Tuesday: 5 miles
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 2 miles
Friday: 2 miles
Saturday: 3 x 400m sprints
Sunday: rest

It feels AHHHmazing to get out on the road more consistently. A run every once in a while always feels better than not doing it at all, but I miss having new goals everyday and every week. I know that I will only see endurance and speed increases with consistent training.

Cross training is a MUST. There's so much more to do than just strengthen your legs and running ability.  Cross training will help a runner improve any distance, so this is a must-do while training or even recreational running. Cross training will help reduce injury and make you feel better during and between runs.

Although I'm not ready or trained for it, I believe most people can run/walk distances way beyond what they think they can. Yes, I believe I could do a marathon, a 50-miler, and even a 100-miler. One day, I probably will do them. For now, I'm focusing on distance commitments I know I can handle with kiddos, a husband, work, kids' sports, and volunteer responsibilities. Breaking PRs and doing it for His Glory are some exciting things I look forward to as I embark on this goal of a 2:30 Half Marathon time.

If you go to the link above, you'll see that I'm now part of a running team that will not only motivate people to get in shape together and share in the love of running together, but we will all be running to raise funds and awareness to what God has been doing and continues to do in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. My great friend, Jackie Perez, back when she was still Jackie Douglas, decided after a few mission trips down to the DR and Haiti, that she would go there to be a full-time missionary with G.O. Ministries! It was an exciting time in her life and although we were all sad to see her go, we were SO excited that she was getting to fulfill her heart's desires and God's plan for her life. While there, Jackie met a wonderful man, Alan, who also has a heart for Christ and what He is doing in Haiti and the DR. They were married and then just this past May, Jackie gave birth to twin girls here in the US with Alan by her side. Alan and Jackie both love running, so they decided that along with a bunch of us friends who also love running we could create a team of runners from all over the world that would run for His Glory!

I personally give all my accomplishments to God. Without Him by my side from the beginning, I would not be where I am. Maybe I would have lost weight, maybe I would have gotten healthier, but I wouldn't feel as free, as healthy or as disciplined as I am. I have survived almost 2 years of running, triathlon and other activities with no real injuries. Rather than focusing inward on what I want and desire or how much I've accomplished, I've turned that success outward and share it with others. I have wanted so badly to run for something that had worth and substance, and could work toward a bigger goal than just my PRs. This running team is that for me and for the God who has given me all I have and is all I am. He is my strength, my running partner, my confidant, my personal trainer and life coach. He is my purpose. And I want to give back anything and everything I can.

Please put some thought and prayer into how you can be apart of this. Do you want to make a monetary donation? Do you want to be apart of this running team and raise funds of your own? Do you want to be on the next mission trip down to the DR and Haiti? Please put serious thought and search your heart for how you can help and then get a hold of me. Call, text, email, Facebook, comment here... whatever! Just let me know.

My next race is the Las Vegas Rock n' Roll Half Marathon on December 5, 2010. My monetary goal for this race is $2300 (as a way to represent the 2:30 race time I hope to get!). I can accept any amount of donation that you want to make. Everything helps! I am also putting out a request for 2 major commitments. I want to make this goal of a 2:30 Half Marathon more than just my own PR accomplishment. My prayer and desire is that in addition to the $2300 I hope to raise, I'd like 2 people who are willing to commit to $10 for every minute I take off my current PR (2:34). If you'd like to do that, let me know!

Have a great Saturday and more updates are to come! In the meantime, head over to our team blog and meet the runners!

Love, Joy, Peace and Happiness to all

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