Sunday, October 17, 2010

Keeping it up... and Hoover Dam Half

Can't believe 10 days has flown by since I last posted!

So, I've been keeping up with the slower but faster running. I love it. I don't want my run to end! That's the way it should be all the time. I just got too ambitious. I have to love running where I am and push slightly against my comfort zone to stay motivated and challenged.

The fam and I went to the Hoover Dam Bridge public opening yesterday. You can read all about our trip here. But with that trip, I made my final decision. I'm going to run the Calico Racing Hoover Dam Half Marathon on Oct. 30, 2010. I am hoping to hit that 2:30 but I don't really mind if it takes longer. As usual, I'm set up to volunteer afterwards, so that's incentive to keep my butt moving!

Tomorrow's crazy busy. But I'm working on carving out time every Tuesday for a longer run. I think it's working out to be a better day for the long run of the week. I just need to get in the routine of it.

Time for bed!

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