Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Feb. 6, 2010 - Body Pump

Today I hit a Body Pump class for the first time. Body Pump is a group class that works with barbells and removeable weights. Mats and the step boards are incorporated in for use as a bench. It was a lot of fun! Really easy to catch on, a great workout, I love being able to go at my own level, and the class is upbeat yet focused! The teacher explains everything really well before moving on to each section. After the 1-hour Body Pump class, I worked out my lower back with some 10-pound weighted back extentions, then a long ab routine. On my way out, I ran into my favorite triathlon Coach - Coach Nic of Nix Tri Planet. She had me try THIS! Inteeeense! Watch the little video on the right hand side of that page. I had worked out so much that I was hardly able to handle myself on this. I was shaking from the inside. It felt good lol

I will be trying my best to make the Body Pump class every Saturday. We'll see if things change when soccer starts, but for now it works.

I had an appt with a personal trainer @ LVAC on Thursday and she set up a great upper body workout for me. It targets arms, shoulders, back (all over), and core. My focus right now is really strengthening this core, including stability and balance. I want as complete centeredness as I can possibly get. I 100% believe this will strengthen me as a runner and triathlete.

I bought a bunch of salmon and talapia. Frozen isn't as good as fresh but it's better than not at all. At 100 calories, 20g protien, 1.5g fat, 0 carbs (per 4oz piece)- this is heaven! I had 2 for dinner tonight, with asparagus and brown rice.

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