Sunday, May 10, 2009

Next up - Planning rest of season

So it's tradition I guess that the days after a race I get my plans ready for the next one. This time I already knew that Iron Girl would be my last triathlon until at least July. I planned on doing a tri while on vacation in NJ the end of July, but the tri I wanted to do is already sold out (NJ State Tri). I did some research and found another one, the Stone Harbor Tri... but dh thinks I should just stick to a run as it's less stressful while on vacation. I think I agree...

So I plan on doing a 10k run in Millville, NJ which is basically where we'll be already. I'm going to see if one or both of my nieces will do it with me. This will be my first 10k and my first event in NJ, my home state :D

Then I think I'm either going to do the triathlon at Bear Lake, UT by BBSC or the Santa Barbara Triathlon. The SB one is super sprint style and looks interesting! But I'm not sure I want to travel 5 hours each way with the whole fam and pay for hotel stays when it's such a short race... DH seems more down to go to UT but that's an 8 hour drive each way. However it is the week of our anniversary, it's a place we've never been and probably won't ever go to otherwise, and I know Brogg puts on an awesome tri! So I think Bear Lake it is... for now. I can then take a break in September to train for Pumpkinman and then end the season with that as far as triathlon. Run racing won't stop though!

So here's what the line up looks like for now:

June 6th - Rick's kid triathlon
June 27th - Running with the Devil 5k, then volunteer for 8 hours

July 25th - Motorsports Park 10k for Barbara Cook

August 29th - Bear Lake Classic in Utah (BBSC)

September 27- tentative: Sandstorm II Desert Dash Race series 5k

October 17 - Pumpkinman (sprint) triathlon

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