Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Taking time off

I'm taking some time off from training. I know it's such an odd time with Iron Girl less than 2 weeks away, but I'm listening to my body and I think it'll make me even stronger at IG to take this week off. I've been sick with allergies, extremely overtired and today I threw up 3 times. I have no clue what's wrong with me and I don't feel sick sick, just not normal. I can hardly eat, no appetite at all and everytime I take my vitamins in the morning I get completely nauseated. I've even been getting completely winded by just walking upstairs! And yes, we've wondered if I'm pregnant but we just don't think it's possible. So with that said, I've decided that if I push myself too hard this week when I obviously don't feel very good then I'll end up crashing the week of IG and that could be more detrimental to my performance. I'm having a hard time not doing anything this week. I just keep reminding myself it's for the best. Today I was craving to go do something, I didn't care what... but I could hardly keep my eyes open. I think I'll be refreshed and ready to go by the begining of next week.


robison52 said...

You're very smart to listen to your body and take some time off from training, or at the very least a longer "taper." If you're still sick after a couple of days I would definitely recommend seeing a doctor, throwing up three times in one day shows that your condition is serious. I'm very cautious around my passengers lately due to one child in Reno catching Swine Flu, which is much too close to home for us Vegans.

I'm still a little shocked with Danny Gans dying last night at a young age of 52 years old...he was always in great physical condition. Yesterday he felt like he was exhausted and tired and couldn't do his regular errands...sounds familiar??? He awoke around 3 a.m. and complained about his breathing, shortly after calling 911 he died. Does remind me how fragile our physical existence can be.

pregodego said...

Wow! Gosh thank you for posting this.

I'm feeling better and more rested now so today I'm heading for the first long run I've done in a while. Swimming seems to be the easiest so I did that a few times.

Gosh I can't believe there's a case from Reno now! So scary.